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Posted by Amadio on 05/17

Ok, it looks like that crash cut me off entirely, even though there's now a mysterious "ghost" append. Alright. I'll be brief.

To summarize what I was writing before I got cut off-

I have never demanded that anyone do anything. I've asked, very politely at first, until people started insulting me. Here's my point. Chat is very important on this mud, both for socializing and game stuff.

Asking someone to turn off chat is a little more drastic than asking someone to move their ooc talk to a conference which has been specifically created to handle the stuff they've been talking about on chat.

Very rarely, if you've noticed, are we without a Pkill Stuff conference.

Gee, folks, I wonder why.


From: Arsene Friday, May 15, 01:29PM

grow up

From: Bauxite Friday, May 15, 02:25PM

WEll I dont know about others opinions but strangely enough I happen to be one of thos people that likes listening t pkillers whine back and forth at each other , it can be most amusing at times. I dont like the idea of forming a spererate pkill channel cause it just makes yet another channel that I'd have to listen to :P and I think that many pkillers would agree that having a permant 5 channels to listen too is a bit extreme, I have enough trouble with 4 when I am logged on with my pkiller.

and just one finally note how exactly ooc is it Amadio to rant and rave at another pkiller that just attacked/looted/insulted/whatever you, a freind or one of your clanmates ? I know I could come up with some pretty good ic reasons to flame or insult someone if one of those things had been done.



From: Amadio Friday, May 15, 04:24PM

I'm just going to respond to Bauxite in this append. To Arsene I'll just say this- I've never met you in Legend or outside of it, although I've heard plenty about you. Now I see why everyone dislikes you so much. I'll take advice from you to grow up when you learn to capitalize the first letter of your sentences, and when you learn to use periods at the end. That's called grammar. You'll probably learn about it in a grade or two.

Anyway, the less said about that, the better, although it is SO tempting to go on.

Bauxite- You make a good point. 5 channels -is- a lot. However...I think that's not as bad as the alternative, which is involving people in pkill who don't want to be. And I'll say it again- HELL YES I WANT TO HEAR IC PKILL STUFF ON CHAT! It's one of the things that makes this game what it is and I would never dream of getting rid of the pkill aspect of Legend. But most of what goes out over chat about pkill is unfortunately completely OOC. Would that all the pkill stuff that went out over chat was In Character. I for one, would shut my mouth, and I know that would please a lot of people.

But I also promised that I wasn't going to fight this fight anymore. I others want to take it up, I would be thrilled. But I'm sick of being insulted by people I don't know who don't offer anything constructive at all to this debate. So. Arsene, you and all the others can flame away, content that you're insulting someone who never had anything against you until today, and who still hasn't ever met you. Hide behind the discussion board if you want, but if you actually want to talk, you can come find me in the mud. I wish very badly that this whole experience hadn't pissed me off as much as it did, but as long as people still want to flame me ooc for how I feel, it's going to piss me off.


From: Agni Saturday, May 16, 04:52AM

It's interesting how you decide to demand a channel just because you are sick of listening to it.

The reasonable course of action would be to discontinue listening, instead of motioning for another channel

Honestly, Chat -IS- ooc. It's unreal, it's never ever really been IC-only. Most ppl use chat as they would chat in chat rooms, they talk about TV sho ws, recent happenings, and whatnot.

Clanned or unclanned, chat is mostly OOC, and rarely do ppl use it IC unless some "RP" thing goes on. Even those that RP don't RP 24/7, they'll add stuff that their RP cannot possibly know, and whatever else that happe ns to be the topic atm.

So what is wrong with pk ppl whining? It's just as annyoing as listening to newbies or immature folk on chat, imho, but i don't go around asking for a 18-and-under channel and lvl 10-and-under channel.

If anything, it's a sign of your own maturity that you can't simply ignore it or argue with them.

From: Amadio Saturday, May 16, 10:25AM

Hokay. Looks like I'm getting sucked in again. Agni. I never said anything to you. I've never met you, and I've never bashed you on this board, either, yet you still insult me and call me immature. 2 points for you-

1)I never demanded that a channel be created. If you think I did, go back and read all of my posts. Most times now, if you'll notice, there is a Pkill Stuff conference on all the time.

2)Read Sandra's append to message 21. I forget what one it is. Might be 11

Ok. That's it.


From: Tancred Saturday, May 16, 04:07PM

-calm board-

Without going into depth, two points:

1. Yes, listening to what I personally consider ooc harassment on channels is a drag, I agree. And no, we're going to have to live with it, just as the socalled quake pkillers have to live with our RP spam which I'm told annoys them similarly.

2. More importantly. This is an ooc board, where we're supposed to air our views, exchange ideas, and produce feedback for the immortal staff. So let's keep a remotely adult atmosphere, shall we? Flaming produces only one result: Offended people. And that sure as heck doesn't help either party achieve anything, at the very best it just gets somebody a warning.

Tancred de Gisborne,

Master of the Temple.


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