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fleeing stuff...

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Posted by Lethargio on 05/24

my tactic is hit/flee in pkill, it kind of sucks when my pres goes to 0 after a fight, even with that -10 prestage cap...


From: Agni Tuesday, May 19, 02:09AM

You only go down in prestige, from my experience, when you fight ppl/mobs lower than you in lvl.

From: Lethargio Sunday, May 24, 05:33AM

yeah, but you can't count that your opponent will be lv 50 all the time...

From: Rufus Sunday, May 24, 06:31AM

If that is your only tactic, then losing prestige is what you will have to live with as a consequence. Supposedly there are advantages to it, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it (eg, you take less damage because they don't get a chance to get specials off on you, etc).

If you're going to use that style of tactic, expect there to be some loss as the gains are quite high.



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