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Posted by Jaret on 05/21

Was just wondering why the nice +mana item out there is so renty .. Considering it has -10 in a stat, its rent seems very high when you compare it to a certain +5 stat +hp item.

Just a thought :)

From: Ronnie Tuesday, May 19, 03:27PM

Its just my thought that mana is a lot more useful in situations than hp can be. Hit points are only a measurement of how long before you die from wounds, and with mana you can heal hp, cast offensive/defensive spells. With hp, you can only heal and watch it go down in fights again

-Ronnie, New Age Outlaw

From: Rufus Tuesday, May 19, 09:50PM

This item which you speak is 'out of spec' in that its +mana is higher than it's technically allowed to be. But since said item has been in the game with those stats for a very long time, and the minuses are a definite deterrent from wearing it, we felt (that is, I did, and after a discussion with Kaige, allowed it to stay as is) that we charge full rent value for the +mana it gives


From: Agni Wednesday, May 20, 01:08AM

Speaking of out-of-spec.

Isn't the claw like really out of spec?

Let's say it's a herne's horn plus cheetah leggings plus valkyrie blade minus a pentacle, then minus some rent for being anti-align, isn't it still roughly 2kish under the regular spec? I mean, i love the thing and all, but it does seem slightly underrent when the other +5 sword is like from a really really really long quest, and the other damroll sword like has no bonuses and still rentier.

From: Aeolus Wednesday, May 20, 05:28PM

There used to be an LT with a special section on how rent is determined on eq... is that archived somewhere so that we can take a look at it?

From: Solomon Wednesday, May 20, 09:09PM

Back issues of the Legendary Times can be found on the Legend website.

From: Rufus Thursday, May 21, 12:29AM

Actually, I've calculated and recalculated it many times and it comes up just over what its minimum is for rent. It has some hidden -'s to it that keep it lower as well.

And another str weapon has been 'upgraded' to compete with it a bit. As far as the skyblade, it has one really nice bonus, which most people could care less about or really don't know it is there. I can't really mention it, but I consider it the most redeeming quality of the weapon.



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