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The code change to dodge.

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Posted by Hotspur on 06/09

Is there any way that code changes could be announced before they're actually implemented? I ask largely because of the recent change to dodge. Now, let's take the ever-popular Harry Percy, known as Hotspur.

Now, Harry isn't a very...bright boy, if you know what I mean. Plus, his vision isn't so great. A bully poked him in the eye when he was young. He's healthy as a horse, and moderately strong, but not too quick on the uptake. To wit-he has a 17 perc. What this means is old Harry is seeing his vaunted con fighter hp get cut in half by mobs that he used to crush. It's not that Harry's hitting them any less, it's just that they're hitting him more. His AC hasn't gone up, so Harry, the idea filtering through what he likes to think of as a brain, realizes that it must be because he can't dodge those nasty hits anymore.

I'm not asking for the change to be undone. What i do wish is that changes like that, which could potentially adversely affect more than one character (such as poor, beat up Harry), could be announced ahead of time so that people would have a chance to prepare for it.

Do it for me. And do it for poor wee Harry, his health ruined by one too many judge's gavel to the body.

From: Myrella Friday, May 29, 01:58AM

Well I can understand the logic behind the change and have to say I have to agree with the addition of a min perc for dodge.

but I would like to know how a warning of the change would really have any effect on anything ? A few more days so people can complain would seem to be about all that would gain, as for dodge I cant sday I really find having the skill makes that much of a difference anyway, I hardly ever seem to be able to dodge sucessfully myself.


the Hedonist

From: LadyAce Friday, May 29, 10:39AM

Usually we post code updates one day in advance.

This week it was the day of, because we accidentally updated the code early. Ea asked me to post the changes just in case we crashed and the update went in, but before I could post we had to reboot to clear lag.

In terms of time to adjust, however, major changes (or what we can predict will qualify as a major change) will always be announced early.

Look for a post on the new xp scale monday, followed by a Q & A on tuesday with a code update on friday.


From: PeTra Friday, May 29, 11:56AM

I think hotSpur may have a valid idea. If changes were posted say, a week in advance, then players would have time to change their eq to meet new standards. It is possible in case like HotSpur's that he would have been able to get his own perc eq with dodge to meet the new req ahead of time, but without dodge would be unable to fill the new req himself. (this is just hypothetical) Anyway, it's just an idea to keep players from suddenly having obsolete skills, giving them some time to prepare.

PeTra, the girl with kaleiedoscope..........eyes.

From: Ea! Friday, May 29, 09:36PM

While it would be nice to be able to post the code changes a week in advance of their installation, it's a pretty tricky thing to do.

The way we deal with the code is roughly as follows:

There's a central repository for the code to which each coder commits their code changes as they are made. Once a week (between monday and wednesday) we lock down a version of the code to be published that friday. At this time we announce it to immortals for comments/suggestions/ bug detection/etc.

We keep one copy of the code with the current code that is running on the mud. This allows us to make small bug fixes when needed without having to update it from the central repository -- which might include some major changes which have since been commited.

If we try to delay a week between the announcing stage and the publishing of the code, we allow for more bugs to be discovered and more complex bugs. This means that we need to make more fixes to the version of the code which is insync with the running code. Every change we make there, we also need to make seperately to the central repository (instead of it happening automatically -- the source code is marked as out of date and we can't commit changes from it without updating it). The other big problem with changing the version of the code which is insync with the mud is that it can only be done by one person at a time and can only be done on the mud machine itself.

Yes, there are ways that we can improve this, and that we can work around these problems. At the moment, they're not as high priority as some of the actual code changes.

This said, we'll discuss whether we can move forward the date at which we announce the changes to the players a few days without effecting the code publishing in an adverse way.

Again, sorry about the poor notice with this update -- there would have been more except for a typo that I made.



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