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Reqs for fighter skills

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Posted by Agni on 05/29

Let's get to the point first: Req's for fighting skills on stats other than dex/con/str is unbalancing. Mages, currently, are "balanced" because they have many other stats they need to have in order to maintain their spells, con, min, spi, perc. Adding requirements of such stats to fighter skills, basically, force fighters to maintain similar stats as mages, without the option of being able to cast spells. Especially, if the new requirements are BELOW what mages already have to maintain in order to cast spells. Before, a fighter had 60-70 stat points over a mage (at least) and at most roughly 150 points if we're talking about Dudley vs. Vajrapani. (the stat points are differences from strdexcon) Even then, when you put the two types of chars head to head, you can be sure that neither will have a definate edge over the other, and they still pretty much go toe-to-toe, or, when using the surroundings, you could say the dex mage has more an edge over the straight-out-fighter. Now, with perc req, you rob the fighter of 25 stat points, in addition to the 25 pts taken via the mind req. Moreover, this new requirement has no effect whatsoever on the mages, as t they are forced to maintain 30-40 perc in order to have all the spells. If you put in a check, where a person with chant could only dodge with 55 perc, the requirement would be fair, as both char types will have to work to get the skill--but of course, that puts the skill beyond most char's use. If new requirements are to be made, they should be added to str/dex/con, instead of perc/min/spi. When making dodge have perc req, increase the minimum dex requirement, and maybe even several other stats, so that mages who want to use the skills, will have to adjust to the changes as well. Maybe it hasn't gotten to a lot of people yet that mages are indeed the strongest char-types in Legend, mostly because they do not miss out on any skills a fighter can have. I could very feasibly create a full 2nd cause mage that has 100 str/con, 100 str/dex, or 100 dex/con, with 40-45 pts on the stat i am missing. That leaves straight fighters roughly 25-30 pt edg e over such mages, and depending on the stat combo, that difference is negligible. Why on earth would anyone make a straight-fighter when similar (or even more effective) stat combinations and fighting options can be achieved as a spell caster? I for one ceased to make chars that do not have the option to cast spells, and I had considered myself to be one of the more die-hard fighter fanatic But with changes like this, there really is no point in making a fighter char without spells, as such chars only benefit from quicker creation time, and nothing else.

From: Agni Friday, May 29, 12:56PM

(continued) A fighter char is further limited by their inability to heal themselves. Every mage has a way to quickly regen hps, one way or the other, and then they have skills that allow them to regen mana in addition to hps, effecti vely triple/quadrupling their regen rate compared to fighters. As a solo character, the only type of fighters that can match the kind of xp runs a mage can do, are those that can spam for first aid, or those that spam for root. Even then, xp runs as a mage (especially a 3rd cause dex) is far swifter than one as a fighter, and in terms of pk-enabled char s, mages (spellcasters) are less prone to a devastating disadvantage when jumped during an xp run. Again I'll refer to Dudley and Vajrapani, as those are the two chars with which i've personally seen the difference. Dudley, a 100 100 100 char, could solo Vampire/Cruzeiro/Seller before he had to heal himself, maybe add a few more mobs if i didnt mind going below 150-200hps. Then he basically had to regen sleeping til repop, in order t to have the same run going again. With a healer, he could kill almost non stop until he had to stop for TF, which happens to be quite often, considering that he has to beat up even more mobs to get the xp he would get solo. Vajrapani, on the other hand, a 100dex/min char who later gave up some mind, could go from Lion, rhino, tiger, beluga, bear, behemoth non-stop, a and then add Herne/Bane after a quick regen break, which doesnt take longer than 3-4 ticks to regen all of his mana and hps. No pitstops for tf is required as he was self-sufficient, and no icky xp-splits from having to group with a healer--as opposed to dudley's meager half mil runs per repop, Vaj could pump up to 2mil xp per repop, and when daring, much more than that. In the end, although Vaj participated in more PK's a day than Dudley ever did in his whole clanned life, Vaj ended up reaching 100mil a whopping 50 hrs before Dudley did. Considering that Vaj took about 30-40 hrs longer reaching lvl 50 in the first place (getting rudh and getting sp xp as a budding mage), there is a very palpable difference in the efficiency rate of the two chars. I know not everyone in the game is obsessed with efficiency as i am, and i am well aware that fighter chars can be more valuable in groups, but it seems like a hefty price to pay just to be more effective in a group situation. Add to that the new requirement to perc for dodge, what we got is an even less effective fighter char, but the mage types stay as powerful as ever. I don't know what the reasoning behind the new perc req. was, but it is far from balancing, and quite a step in the wrong direction. If anything, things should be implemented to cut down on the mages, instea of the fighter chars, upping the mind req for 2nd circle words to 50-55 mi nd and 3rd circle words to 65-70 mind. Up the spi reqs of words to 45-50, and so on, and maybe then we'll have something that looks closer to a balanced system.

From: Agni Friday, May 29, 01:21PM

Oh yeah, did i forget to mention how easy it is to equip a mage versus the difficulty in equipping a fighter?

And the rent difference?

Dudley could rent nothing but his fight gear, as his eq set came up to 49.7k rent, and half of his eq is from SL, another half are one-time quest equipments, and then an odd assortment of eq from mobs that are relatively hard to kill.

Vajrapani, in his 100ish mind days, had nothing from anyone tougher than a hol mob, and had enough rent free to rent a chalice. (in addition to spam meditate gear).

Since in this mud, it is harder to get eq than it is to get xp, that again tilts the scale unfavorably towards fighter chars, and if we include eq-getting time into the char-gen time, those two would probably break even, eliminating the argument that mage chars are 'harder' to make.


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