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Like dodge, but not.

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Posted by Hotspur on 06/04

Just an idea-since dodge is now put out of reach for some players, for less or more time, and the other defensive combat skill, parry, is a dex skill, could defensive combat skills be thought up for con and str fighters? Personally, I don't see why someone using a big sword or a massive stave is any less capable of parrying attacks that someone with an epee or foil.

Harry Percy

From: Rufus Monday, June 01, 01:02AM

Actually, should be next major code update, all weapons will have some ability to parry.


From: Cran Monday, June 01, 08:08PM

In that case, should con and str fighters get the parry skills?

From: Danar Thursday, June 04, 02:18AM

Well, the reason that an epee/foil is considered a better parrying weapon is because they're light enough to attack and quickly get into defensive position (and in fact that's one of the main benefits of using a fencing weapon instead of, oh, a big ol' claymore, and in fact of using a sword at all instead of a battle axe or halberd). Unlike most other fighters, fencers are specifically trained in different types of parries.

That's the reason why agile fighters are traditionally better at parrying.



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