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higher level mobs

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Posted by Cran on 06/04

Just a thought - with this new xp scale going in soon, maybe higher XP mobs could be a level over 50, ie 200K mobs would be lev 51, 300-400K lev 52, 500-600 lev 53, 700-800K lev 54, and 900k-1 mill lev 55 Then a lev 50 player considering a tough mob would get a better idea of how tough the mob was.

From: Rufus Monday, June 01, 08:44PM

we are nearing the capability of having mobs up to level 100 pretty soon, but I wouldn't get your hopes up about xp on mobs... the scale is radically changing, and you're well going to have to rethink your idea of 'a lot' of xp for a mob.


From: Drax Tuesday, June 02, 02:14PM

As it stands now, I think a level 51-55 mob would be an immortal, wouldn't it? (could be way off)


From: Ea! Tuesday, June 02, 02:24PM

Yes, mobs level 51+ are immortal currently.


From: Ronnie Tuesday, June 02, 05:54PM

Which means if they go buggy on us, were dead

From: Rufus Tuesday, June 02, 06:00PM

Actually, no, that's not quite true... when we move to support up to level 100 mobs, we'll be making the current 'immortal' levels 101-105.


From: Agni Tuesday, June 02, 11:42PM

Well, with the current hit table, having mobs with lvls 50+ could be a real pain... any thoughts on reducing the lvl in hit table?

From: Whiplash Wednesday, June 03, 07:49AM

with mobs getting 50+ in levels, does that mean players can also get to lvl 100?

From: Ea! Wednesday, June 03, 10:36AM

When mobs are allowed to be over level 50, players will still be restricted to level 50. The idea is to allow mobs to be harder in more different ways and to allow players to have a better idea of how hard a mob is rather than to expand the level table.

As for the issues with the current hit table, I suspect it will be modified to consider mobs over level 50 slightly, but expect them to be harder to hit and have an easier time hitting you -- they are supposed to be more difficult after all.

Just as a note, the level 50-100 support hasn't been worked on much recently and is still a little way down the pipeline.


From: Rufus Wednesday, June 03, 04:35PM

Will the hit table be modified? No.

The reason is is that AC is still limited to -100. Only attacker level has anything to do with the hit table, along with AC.

Will players be able to get to 100? No. The main reason to do this is so that the dis innkeeper and the demon king don't show up as 'perfect match' considers.

Oh, and as far as the hit table, it is already set up for mobs up to level 100. Little did ye know =P


From: Agni Thursday, June 04, 04:49AM

Hrm, in pk, i noticed that lvl 25ers barely hit lvl 50 chars, regardless of the defenders ac and whatnot.

It looks like defenders lvl has a lot to do with the attacker's ability to land hits, as a lvl 20ish char can barely land anything on a lvl 45 mob that's stunned and all.

Oh well, we'll see how it works.

From: Rufus Thursday, June 04, 05:44PM

Again, even on a stunned mob, the level is about doubled for puruposes of hitroll, and a lvl 20 attacking a level 45 mob stunned is the about equiv of a level 40 attacking a level 45 mob both while standing. That chance of hitting is around 33% or so, I believe (I'm not going to go through and do the math =P)

As far as lvl 25 pkers hitting level 50's, a lot of it does have to do with AC, a level 25 has a 50% chance to hit a 0 ac person (excluding hitroll bonus). Most level 50's toat around at least a -45 if not further down, which greatly reduces their chances to hit.



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