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The new xp scale

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Posted by Agni on 06/06

It's easier for mid-low lvls, but at low-low lvls and high lvls, the new xp scale simply stinks.

I know we weren't meant to have chars reach 100mil every month or so, but the new xp scale is ridiculous.

However you expected ppl to react to the exact same mob being worth at least 1/5th and in some cases 1/40th or so i have no idea, especially when the xp to lvl remains the same for us meaning to unclan.

I understand that these mobs will now be made tougher and maybe given their xp back, but imho, this new xpscale wasn't that pressing a change to be simply put in place without having at least some of the favorite mob s already recalculated and replaced as the changes went in.

Gimme a break, a lion is worth less than a viking warlord?

And great, xp loss has been reduced from 2 mil to 750k max, but guess what that's not nearly as much as what mob xp was reduced to.

This is to promote grouping? The most efficient way of getting xp under the new system, i found, was to hog low level mobs and kill them by the dozens, just like a lvl 12er would eliminate mutts in agrabah.

Of course my chief complaint is that i have to type a lot more in order to get the same amount of xps.

Nothing harder, or easier, just more stressful and tiring.

Yeah, i can keep killing low lvl mobs and heal occasionally, and probably end up roughly with the same amount of xps i would have had i only been killing a few mobs like i am used to (lion, rhino, tiger, cruz, vampire, jim, seller) in maybe the roughly the same amount of time, but the amount of travelling and typing would not even be close. Not to mention the adrenaline lvl. At least those short bursts of runs were mildly exciting, with some chances of me screwing up really bad, but the current runs won't do that.. It's like killing mutts. Kill kill kill.

I don't really understand the motivation behind reducing xp on the high, tough mobs, they were worthwhile to kill, and did offer enough a challenge per kill. Now, i'd be surprised if anyone would kill them for xp.. great, you created new areas that will be left alone now, just like before.

What will this reduction in xp do? Other than having a lot of ppl kill the midlvl mobs and not touching the high lvl ones, i would assume that quite a few ppl with time on their hands who don't think mobkilling worth while will instead turn to pk. I personally am dying for any silly excuse to go after somebody, and i don't think it's just confined to me.

After all, lvl 50 players are now only 1k less than lvl 50 mobs, and some of the player chars are actually easier to kill than mobs that give equivalent xp, not to mention you get a neat info out of it.

The xp scale change to accomodate low lvls is commendable, no doubt. hurray, but it really sucks for those of us who spend most of our time as a lvl 35+.

Bring back the old xp on the high lvl mobs. They were worth it then, and with nothing been changed, they should be worth that much now.

From: Ea! Saturday, June 06, 10:47AM

Yes, we're aware that the system isn't perfect.

It is a work in progress. I'm sorry that the viking warlord has been updat for the new system and that the lion doesn't. Given the number of mobs in the game, I'm not sure how you can expect them all to be updated before the builders even have a feel for the new scale. Yes, that's going to be a little odd for a little while.

As for players killling only lower level mobs because they're less risky and worth about 1/2 the xp, we're looking into ways to fix this problem. However, do realize that a level 49 would need to kill twice as many such mobs -- even more boring. I'm sure that some people would rather play it safe and do that, but I know there are many people who won't.

Xp for mobs went up for the average mob for mobs under level 45. If we were to use the old system for mobs over level 45, it would take 14 kills of a mob the same level to get from level 49 to 50. That seems way too easy to me. Getting to level 49 from level 50 should be hard to do. The system is based on the idea that each level is harder to get to than the previous level. Although we're still early in the system and it's still a bit early to be sure, I think that that is in fact the case.

If killing players for the xp becomes a problem, we will reduce the xp that players get for killing other players.


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