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Posted by Gaidal on 06/11

I understand why you might want to change the xp scale. People were making level 50 chars in a day or two. Hey thats great get rid of power leveling. What i dont understand is how anyone is expected to hit 100 mil after level 50 has been reached. Why not make level 50 mobs worth 111k only to level 50 players? That would get rid of the power leveling and make the 100mil goal more realistic. So far not a single char has reached 500 mil that i know of and that is what the 100 mil is equivalent to with 20k level 50 mobs. Give us a break here. Either make mobs give more exp only to level 50 chars or lower the 100 mil req for leveling out of pkill.

From: Skar Monday, June 08, 03:28PM

Um, giving level 50 players 5 times as much xp for the same mob would give them a very large advantage in pkill, because they could recover from dying much more quickly. Lowering the threshold for unclanning seems to be a better idea to me.

From: Becket Wednesday, June 10, 01:44PM

PLEASE consider changing the level to unclan. They are right, it is impossible now.

From: Ishtar Thursday, June 11, 08:02AM

Reaching 100 million may have been a little too easy before, although it still took most people a long time. Making it five times as hard as before means it is probably easier to perma and rebuild the character to level 50; certainly it would be for non-mage characters. If for some reason it is considered better for characters to perma or get deleted rather than go for 100 million, well and good, but if not I think it should be brought down to 75 million for unclanning.

Personally I would prefer to go for 100 million rather than perma, because I would like to continue with the RP I have developed for this character, even if I want to change to another clanned character. But at this level of difficulty, I don't have the time, and its not worth it.

If I get deleted or perma, I then have to choose between abandoning the character along with the RP (which can't really be transferred to a different character), or try to work permanent death and rebirth into the life history of the character, or else just act as though permaing and starting again didn't happen. If everybody does this, it takes all meaning out of the notion of permanent death in the RP sense. But if nobody rebuilds the same character after they perma, then it could discourage some people from putting much effort into developing an idenity for their clanned character, unless they are sure they will never want to retire that character from pkill, or only after a long time.

It is a good thing for people not to switch clanned characters too quickly IMO, but people will always want to investigate different character types in pkill since that is part of exploring the game.



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