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Posted by Lethargio on 06/30

need to refresh my memory...

What was wrong with the idea of a rp channel again?

From: Amadio Tuesday, June 09, 06:57AM

The way I see it, the creation of an rp channel would be like saying that rp is only to be allowed on that specific channel--as if it were like auction. On the other hand, people rp-ing on chat harms no one and adds to the flavor of the mud, so why bother segregating our (admittedly tiny) group of rp-ers from the rest of the mud?


From: Rictor Tuesday, June 09, 12:09PM

-snort amadio- you think we have a small amount of RP'ers on this mud? I dunno if you have bene trapped in a box for the last 20 years, but just because I dont talk with a drunken scottish accent or I dont bark like a dog on chat, doesnt mean I dont RP. I RP all the time and so do the majority of my friends and I believe the people on this mud.

Sir Rictor Belmont

From: Lethargio Wednesday, June 10, 04:29AM

maybe i've been hanging around pkill types for too long...I don't really see it. Oh well...


From: Kae Wednesday, June 10, 09:45AM

Most people I hang out with roleplay - maybe that's why I don't hang out with that many people. I have to second Amadio on this one, sad as it is.

Kae - ya, that's me, the perpetual newlyn

From: Cheyla Wednesday, June 10, 10:20PM

I would have to agree with Amadio as well, unfortunately. Mayhaps, Rictor, you have a different sense of rp than some of us, but the large majority of the people here don't rp - or if they 'rp', it is on rare occasions, an they do not stay ic for very long.

-shrug- Just what I have seen here in the last (almost) 2 years, and a lot of the older rpers are gone, too.


(who is still looking for a suitable man, btw) -wink-

From: Rictor Thursday, June 11, 11:05AM

I dont know about anyone else, but I know for a almost fact that basically noones acts exactly like they do in real life as they do here it just doesnt happen and that in itself is roleplay. Also, I have never ever in my life participated in a tiny plot, or had some imm jump into a mob so that they could help me RP, but I do RP, I RP all the time, as I believe 90% of the people here do. RP isnt just big plots and angels and the second coming of christ, RP is a everyday occurance, that people just seem to take for granted around here.

Sir Rictor Belmont


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