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xpruns with new scale ...

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Posted by Kel'Thoran on 07/13

hmm in my opinion the old system was better ...

thats my opinion and nobody will be able to change it...

but ... i accepted the changes and now i have some thoughts ...

if the mobs are worthy less xp 20k for lv50 i think why killing such hard mobs if i can kill very very easy mobs (lv 25 - lv 35) and earn fast xp -> and then i wonder if there are mobs enough if several xp-runs are going, i think there wont be many mobs left ... this will include teachers

hmm lets see what future brings, maybe i am wrong and maybe i am right and more changes will be installed


Kel'Thoran [AdvGuild]

From: Whiplash Saturday, June 13, 12:51AM

I actually don't see a problem with that as mid level mobs have a fairly fast repop rate and there are never more than usually 60 players on at the say time.


From: Celeste Monday, July 13, 08:33AM

I never kill level 50 mobs anymore except for a) thrill b) to get someone eq.

While that's pretty much fine by me, is that the way it should be?


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