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Posted by Agni on 06/18

Just an idea

Maybe we could have groups get more xp than what the mob is worth, say, 20% more (total, so a two person group will get 60% each instead of 50%)

From: Rufus Sunday, June 14, 12:33AM

Actually, I think I'll make it 2 level 25 people kill a level 25 mob and they both get exactly 1/2 first and see where it goes from there. Right now, the more total levels attacking the more exp is lost.

From: Agni Sunday, June 14, 12:50AM

The way i figured it out (no calculators or anything, just hunch :P) is that the xp of the mob had it been killed by a player of the same lvl is shown, then divided by half (in a two person group) then adjusted by their respective lvls compared to the mob that got killed in order to determine how much xp they get.

So a 20% increase in total xp would mean, for the char that had the same lvl as the mob killed, would get 10% more, and the other char that was, say, lower or higher, would get 10% x adjustment more than what they would have gotten.

I could be tooootally off tho. But in general something of that nature could encourage grouping without actually having to adjust xp all over again (and again, and again, and again.. :P) tho it is placing the burden from builders to coders :P.

From: Rufus Thursday, June 18, 06:32PM

See the latest welcome board post on this matter.



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