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Posted by Ganymede on 06/14


My own thoughts on the experience scale follow. In general, 'tis an excellent basis for an improved scale. While 'tis true that the effort required to gain the higher levels is cumbersome, 'tis something I can handle. I have never been a powerlevelling fan anyway. :P

My prime concern is with the previously stated fact that the same experience can be gained by a high-level PC by killing several small mobs at low risk as by killing one high-level mob at great risk. This will ultimately have a sore effect on the community, as grouping is now largely unnecessary. 'Twill also bring about a decline in the healing population, whose services are obsolete without severely wounded warriors or groups of them.

I am certain that this problem will be addressed in the coming days, and as far as I am concerned the immortal staff is to be commended for its efforts and its patience with all of us.

From: Ganymede Sunday, June 14, 01:30AM

Incidentally, perhaps this problem could be addressed by adding some new mobs (or changing a few existing ones) which would be worth exp comparable to what was available under the old scale, yet are more Shadowlands-style in terms of difficulty, which would certainly encourage grouping and give healers work.

From: Yvonne Sunday, June 14, 09:50PM

As far as I understand it, the mobs are being updated for the new xp scale MUD-wide. Check the welcome board to find out which areas have been updated. Updated mobs and the xp-loss for killing mobs below your level should counteract high-levels going after lesser mobs.

Lady Yvonne Alexander


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