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Spell renewal

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Posted by Skar on 07/13

Here's a suggestion...

Many spells are cast upon a person and have a set duration. Sometimes, the expiration of a spell's effects can be inconvenient (eg, strength) or even put the character at risk (flight, fly, waterwalk, etc.) It would be nice if we could cast the spell again before the duration expires to renew it's effects.

How about if you cast the spell again, the old duration is ignored, and th new one, the longer one, is substituted? This would prevent 'stacking' spells to absurd durations. This would be a nice change for those that rely upon some spells to move around and such, not to mention useful for pkill. It's not too different from what we have now, where you wait for the spell to fade before renewing, but it's a little better, ensuring that you don't drown when you fly fades out, for instance.

From: Feisal Monday, June 15, 12:27AM

I think this is an excellent suggestion, Skar :)


From: Rufus Monday, June 15, 01:37AM

I like this idea as well, though there are certain spells which it would be omitted from (like the sustained breath spell, for obvious logical reasons). I'll look into it.


From: Siachet Monday, June 15, 07:36AM

I think this is a good idea too. However, it should be considered that in pkill, this would allow people to maintain their spells such as sink indefinitely. This would make it impossible to use the strategy of trailing somebody and waiting for the moment when their sink wears off. People would be less likely to forget that their protective spells have worn off, since they can keep recasting them at any time. Possibly a bit less strategy in the game.

Actually on second thoughts, this is probably not a problem since pkill should not really be allowed to dictate things anway :P I think its a good idea.


From: Scythe Monday, June 15, 08:26AM

Besides the fact that the only person who gets the message when magic sink wears off is the person affected by it.

From: Siachet Monday, June 15, 09:36AM

Yes Scythe, but there is a means to tell whether or not somebody is wearing a sink, without needing to see any message, and without having to look at them :)


From: Celeste Monday, July 13, 08:26AM

I think this is a lovely idea. It's an interesting experience for my rudhe rudhee's when my str spell wears off the moment we walk into Cerbie's room since I can't throw without str. ;)


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