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Detect illusion in HoL

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Posted by Feisal on 06/18

Just a small comment on a remark I heard that only one mob in HoL was changed, given detect illusion, making one of a str create mage's greater assets - the flaming sword -useless.

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I have played on Legend for more than 4 years now, and I have done some thorough research on the matter, consulting my old notes and my memories, such as they are :P ;)

Therefore, I know for sure that not only Deathstalker, but also Rachael didn't have detect illusion before either, and I am -almost- sure that Ainur didn't have it.

As for the others, I can not swear, but I can't find any evidence -whatsoever- that someone apart from Eva had it before. However, I have no evidence for the opposite either, so I can't persist :)

But still it's not just -one- mob, so much is for sure..and in any case, what's the point? How does this change balance the game? What it -does- however, is to -unbalance- the game, giving the cause school even better combat advantage than they already had..- see Ulric's post about it -. Mind you, I am -not- after weakening the cause school - have cause mages myself - I just see this weakening of the create school as totally pointless and unnecessary, certainly not balancing the game..

I ceratinly hope we aren't facing times, when -all- mobs are given properties that give them resistance to -all- spells. Giving practically every mob in the game detect invis most certainly does not balance the game, it unbalances it making considerable part of magic useless..

Now, if all the mobs, hypothetically, were by default given properties making them resistant to all spells - detect illusion in HoL is just an example of it - it would make -all- the magic useless. That certainly wouldn't balance the game..



From: Siachet Tuesday, June 16, 04:27AM

A couple of questions.

I was wondering what the rationale is for giving mobs detect illusion, especially if the mobs do not use magic. Since players require spells or pieces of equipment to gain effects such as dectect invisible or detect illusion, is this not an example of 'inconsistency' as Skar has described it.

Also, has the effect of detect illusion on doppelganger been changed? It does not appear to have the effect stated in the help files, as several of us have noted.


From: Feisal Tuesday, June 16, 06:02AM

I don't get it either: On one hand, dopples are illusions, since they are subject to dispell illusion spell.

On the other hand, they aren't since they can hurt you, even if you have the detect illusion spell on..

And yes, the spell has been changed, since I distinctly remember that earlier it told you dopples were illusions, if you had the detect illusion spell cast on yourself.

So is it once more so, that the reason for the change is the behaviour of a certain HoL mob? In plain text, has it been done to prevent players from neutralizing Eva 's dopples by casting detect illusion? If so, then at least in my opinion it's really pulling things to an extreme..


From: Rufus Tuesday, June 16, 07:26AM

Doppelgangers being able to injure people with detect illusion on is a bug, one we haven't traced down yet.


From: Feisal Tuesday, June 16, 07:43AM

Allright, if it's a bug then I have nothing more to add apart from hoping that it will be fixed soon :)


From: Ulric Wednesday, June 17, 08:45PM

I completly agree with you Feisal on this, especially the statement about not making cause weaker, but evening out both schools by giving create the very things it needs to be equal to cause.

Oh and just wanted to apologize to Feisal for me sounding insulting on the previous appends.. I didnt mean to exactly but the new combat system sorta makes you annoyed in that way, had to vent :). Xp system that is.

Oh and one more thing, if you wanna talk about eva, she has a particularly dangerous aspect to her. She makes orbs and shields for newbies, yet she randomly attacks anyone grouped or not grouped in the room if shes in a fight.. I've seen more than one newbie get wacked by entering the room while shes fighting with level 50's. If you ask me thats rather retarded for lack of better words.

From: Feisal Thursday, June 18, 01:41AM

I never felt insulted by you, Ulric :) How could I, agreeing with most of what you said - maybe just slightly questioning the wording - including this last append.

I could to some degree understand Eva attacking people grouped with whomever she is fighting, or even only following them - but attacking people who just happen to enter the room, having nothing -whatsoever- to do with the fight going on.

As Ulric points out, this has caused the death of really many low level characters, whose only reason to enter her room was exploring or hope of getting the objects Ulric mentions..This just doesn't make sense..

Judging by the quality of the HoL area - which, despite the lately introduced obvious flaws and weaknesses pointed out by both mine and others' posts - I have always found to be very, very high I can't help but believe that in this particular case it simply is and oversight on the part of the builder. Since Eva, when non fighting, is obviously newbie friendly, I am pretty sure it cannot be the -intention- to let her attack and kill low level chars who wish her no harm..




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