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Query about xp loss

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Posted by Ishtar on 06/22

Will these changes to xp loss only affect those for whom 750k is not the minimum of the three things, the minimum of which determines xp loss?

Hmm, maybe I could word that better :P

If 750k is less than 1/4 your xp or 1/4 your xp to the next level, will you still lose 750k, regardless of whether it is a mob, bleeding or pkill death?


From: Rufus Sunday, June 21, 01:08AM

Okay, I think I got where you're coming from, you lost the least amount of experience possible under any of those conditions. If 750K is less than 1/4th your xp or 1/4th your exp to the next level (actually, I think it's supposed to be 1/2 there, not 1/4th) then yes, 750K is the max you can lose. If the death is by pkill, then you lose a maximum of 375K. We can't track bleeding or poisoned as to what does the damage, so I believe those are still at 1/4th The important thing to remember is that 750K is the cap, it's the maximum you can lose.


From: Ishtar Sunday, June 21, 04:30AM

I used 1/4 xp or 1/4 xp to next level because in the notice about the update it said 'where it was /2 it will be /4, where it was /4 it will be /8. Since the original message about the xp scale stated that xp loss would be the minimum of 3 things, 750k, 1/2 xp or 1/2 xp to level, I assumed that if the actual amount lost is now coming down to 1/4, the comparison against 750k to determine which is the minimum would also be based on 1/4. But from what you say, it may be that the comparison is 1/2 xp against 750k, but if 1/2 xp is the 'winner' of that comparison the actual xp loss is then reduced to 1/4?

hmm, well anyway, I believe that people have not been losing 375k for a pkill death, but rather 750k, the same as a mob death. I haven't died myself, but I have heard this from several people, perhaps somebody can confirm it. The original statement about xp loss in pkill, bleeding etc on the message about the new scale was rather confusing, as it stated it would be 1/4 instead of 1/2, implying that pkill death would be 1/2 mob death, as it has always been. However the 1/2 only applied in the first place to those for whom this figure was less than 750k, so leaving it unclear whether the 750k is also halved.

From what I can see, a level 50 player is going to be losing 750k always, unless they are very close to perma, or close to 100 million xp (which I assume is the next level for 50?), and therefore will not be affected by the changes, unless the 'cap' of 750k is also reduced? Also, I do not beli that the cap of 750k was being halved for pkill the last that I heard, although this may have been fixed since then.

-ponders if that made any sense at all-


From: Ishtar Sunday, June 21, 05:39AM

Oh I just realised it is 1/4 of xp from the start of level to the next- but this does not affect my point about level 50 players, who are always going to be losing the 750k unless close to perma


From: Rufus Sunday, June 21, 11:31PM

I think pkill is being reduced to 375K, I'm not sure if that code went in yet or not. But even at 750K, that's at least 33.3 deaths until perma (it's probably more around 36), whereas under the old system it was about 28 or so. If reduced to 375K, that means approximately 70-78 deaths for perma from the time you reach minimum exp for 50th level.

Make sense?


From: Fatale Monday, June 22, 08:37AM

I'm still more concerned about being able to make up the xp loss from deaths. At 750k, one needs to kill 37 "average" [20k] mobs whereas before under the old system, you needed to kill 18 average [111k] mobs.

From: Lethargio Monday, June 22, 10:25PM

-nod Fatale- yeah, I think thats what all the lev 50s been complaining about...(me too)



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