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Posted by Ludovico on 07/13

I'm in favor with almost every aspect of the new xp system. However, Level 1 under the new scale has become -much- harder than it used to be. I was wondering if I'm

A) Not alone in thinking this, and

B) If any changes are being considered.

Thanks for any feedback anyone might have!

Ludovico the Skald.

From: Ludovico Monday, June 22, 06:02PM

Since no one's responded yet, I'll elaborate slightly. A Level 1 character needs 1600 xp to level to 2. A mob that cons as a Perfect Match for a level 1 character usually imparts about 40-60 xp. Assuming that one gets lucky, and every mob that they kill at first level nets them 60 x xp. That's roughly 26 mobs to level. Which seems like nothing, however it

From: Straitos Monday, June 22, 06:03PM

Yeah im going to seem like i am whining but i dont care. I havent been playing here in a bit cause of lack of interest but I come back and hear about this exp scale thing and I dont like it From what i heard you get 20k or so from level 50 mobs if you are level 50 so thats 5 mobs for 100k of exp. So 50 mobs for 1 million exp worth. So lets look at me. 71 million exp to level? Oh my thats 50 times 71! Which is like 3550 mobs i got to kill just to make 100 million! Geez but I had a hard time before getting experience in the old exp system with everyone trying to beat each other to mobs as soon as they repopped and when you are beating down on one there was a good chance another good exp mob was being beat down. So now it just seems this is a bit extreme. I was highly considering making another character for different purposes, but now i lost interest again. It just isnt my character its the whole aspect of everything.

From: Ludovico Monday, June 22, 06:09PM

Sorry, my link got hosed and I got cut off mid message. I'd like restrict this conversation to the original topic of my post, if I could. The xp scale for higher level characters has been -thoroughly- discussed elsewhere, and I'd like to keep it a conversation about 1st Level.

As I was saying...At 60 xp per mob, it takes 26 kills to achieve Level 2. What must be realized is that a Perfect Match at level 1 is a -tough- fight. I've had several other mid to high level characters, and 26 Perfect Matches for them isn't much of a trouble. However, at Level 1, killing a mouse can often cost me 1/2 or 2/3rds of my HP. I realize that it's easier for most people who have played on Legend before to level-they know the location of XP rooms and newbie quests. However, first time players don't have that knowledge. I've been trying to level this character to two using -none- of my previous knowledge, as a test. It's considerably harder under the new scale. I think the best solution in this case might be to scale down the xp to level for 1st Level characters. Thanks for reading

Ludovico the Skald.

From: Whiplash Monday, June 22, 11:51PM

I can't agree with you. My alt is level 1 and wields a small dagger. Instead of taking on perfect mobs that lie just around the inn, I tend to venture just a tad farther, but not much, to kill mobs that should be easy even for level 1 characters. These mobs can be found all over the mud.


From: Ludovico Tuesday, June 23, 07:43AM

But my point is, a true newbie wouldn't have that knowledge. A real newbie wouldn't know where to go to find the best mobs. When I first started this game, I stuck as close to the inn in my hometown as I possibly could. Of course, you know what to do, but a true newbie doesn't, and it's to them that Level 1 should cater.

Ludovico the Skald.

From: Joachim Wednesday, June 24, 05:33AM

this could mean that more easy mobs are needed in hometowns, rather than the xp scale needs to be fixed.

From: Celeste Monday, July 13, 06:51AM

-nod Joachim- I've tried what Ludovico has, so I think more easy mobs in hometowns is definitely a good idea. Legend atm seems even more unfriendly for a total newbie than it used to be.


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