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Marriage Command

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Posted by Tempus on 07/14

I think it would be pretty neat to have a marriage command that works like befriended but shows up in your score. It would add more to the flavor of marriage...

please post what you guys think about this?

From: Rufus Sunday, July 12, 12:45AM

too much overhead. It would require adding 1 string variable or 2 interger variables to each character (that includes mobs and players since the code really doesn't know the difference between the two, we specifically have to tell it) for what it's worth.

just my $.02 worth though, from a coding standpoint.


From: Yvonne Sunday, July 12, 02:16PM

Hmmm, I think that beyond what Rufus said about the coding standpoint, a marriage command would actually detract from the idea of marrying someone. It's like-I've had people befriend and refute me for no good reason, and it really made me feel like a mob instead of a player. What's to stop people from just using a marriage command on whoever they please, no matter whether or not the other person wants it? I think that wedding rings and a nice ceremony are the best way of telling the mud that you've married someone.

Lady Yvonne Alexander.

From: Starr Sunday, July 12, 11:01PM

I agree that there is no use for a marriage command as such, because there are already ways to get wedding rings or similar. But just to clear headbutt hazard little thing up : I think the marriage command was meant to be typed by both parts, before it was set. It would be of even less use if one part could marry someone without that part's agreement, and thereby making sure that the other part could not marry someone else.


From: Yvonne Monday, July 13, 12:06AM

Hrmmm, I understand most of your post, Starr, but what was that headbutt Hazard doing in there? ;)

Lady Yvonne Alexander.

From: Cornflake Monday, July 13, 12:38AM

I think it would be nice if marriages could be added to the whois list.

Cornflake Girl

From: Joachim Monday, July 13, 02:29PM

I'm curious as to what in the scale of things, another 4 bytes a character NPC or mob for an additional char pointer is in the code. if we assume there are... 2000 characters loaded on the mud at a time, that's an additional 8,000 bytes of data, hardly a large amount. How many mobs does that equate to? I'd be shocked if it were much more than 4, and it seems that it's a feature that memory-wise, might be worth as much as 4-5 mobs.

From: Rufus Tuesday, July 14, 02:08AM

Actually, on the average there's about 4000 mobs loaded, so another 10 to 12 mobs worth of storage, that perhaps 10% of the characters will use, even less if some of them don't feel it's needed.

Doesn't seem worth it.



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