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Posted by Crugan on 07/16

I've just had the pleasure of trying the Senoi quest again, for the first time in quite awhile. I've had several characters .. some of them did the quest, the others haven't need to. So it's fair to say that, while I know roughly what to do each time, I don't have a macro setup for each event. Being in this state, I'd like to share my views here..

Gond now rocks.. I'm a str fighter with about a -80 ac .. a 17 hitroll and a 43 dam roll.. level 49 at the moment.. He kicked my ass! Sure, not the first time he showed up.. (although he might have done it that way if my helpful calmer wasn't also a good fighter) but then he came again .. no real time to heal if you're not heavy into magic or augmenting. I staggered back to my corpse to find that the ankus had been taken.. makes sense since that's what he's retrieving.. but it also makes the quest a real pain in the butt... I can try redo'ing everything and hope that I don't DT, I guess. Not a very reassuring hope.

The quest used to be pretty interesting.. Gond wasn't a threat.. but it's a fairly long quest and one could figure it out. In my opinion, that's not possible anymore. If you don't know it, then you won't live long enough alone to struggle through it.

If the desire is to make sure that it's a "guide" quest, then things are right on track. I'll get back to seeing the fastest way to do it and be sure to have a bunch of warriors at my back for Gond.. both things I can do since I've done the quest before and helped quite a few people in the years I've played legend. Not something a newbie can say but I guess this isn't a quest for them.


Opposing viewpoints welcome of course.

From: Wraith Wednesday, July 15, 06:30AM

From the start, the seoni quest was meant to be performed by a group. The quest requires several skills and it was not expected that characters would learn them just for a single quest. While testing the gond's difficulty, I used a very wide variety of character types and levels of characters. Only a few had trouble handling the gond through at least two consecutive fights without healing. Previously, the gond was a joke. Now, he should provide a minor challenge to all kinds of characters. It is possible to slow down how fast he returns. However, you should still expect him to recover what was stolen.

As for the quest not being for newbies, if by newbies you mean low level characters who have never played here before, then you are probably right. They would not be able to keep the reward and they would not be able to make it past all of the mobs on their own.

- Wraith

From: Starr Wednesday, July 15, 08:25AM

I will have to agree with Wraith on some of the issues here. It is nice to see that the Gond is finally a challenge, instead of the 80-pound weakling he used to be. Makes sense that a tribe sends their best to retrieve stolen religious things.

And it has never been kept a secret that the Seoni quest was meant to be a "group quest", so I do not see what is wrong with it?


From: Crugan Wednesday, July 15, 08:46AM

Wraith, by newbie I meant someone who was completely new to the quest and probably legend as well, not someone who was 10th level or lower.

As for it being a group quest, although I realize that it's often done that way, I wasn't under the impression that that was the desired goal. If you're not a mage, then it's _really_ easy to obtain all of the skills you need and, with one exception, they're all pretty useful for other tasks ... not just wasted slots.

Obviously you're on track for where you wanted to be so I'll just adapt and play it the way you wanted it played.


From: Celia Wednesday, July 15, 09:23AM

I realized that being a group quest was the desired goal, but was

From: Agni Thursday, July 16, 11:08PM

i don't think the quest was quite meant to be done by a char who would fit in your specification of being a newbie.

the items you get from that quest are probably one of the most coveted in the game, and i think it fitting to have it a quest that's relatively hard.



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