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Stun and Roots

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Posted by Sundance on 07/21

Greetings People,

Having fought a majority of mages , i am still under the impression that stun is still way too powerful and in conjunction with roots makes a 1 on 1 attack more balanced towards the mage.

This is apart from the fact that i often am lagged and on a raw telnet :)

Perhaps this is just a personal request but could these be toned down a bit, as I fancy winning a few solo pkills this year :)

Apart from getting a huge amount of append , may i just remind other pkillers that I am as always a slightly tongue in cheek player :)

Sir Sundance The Knights of Legend GM.

From: Ronnie Friday, July 17, 12:06PM

Maybe its your incredibly low mind going up against us smarty pants mages?

From: Agni Friday, July 17, 01:39PM

Stuns being tumble-able makes them quite unreliable, especially when you can spam/pretype headbutt/bash/choke/elbow/kick/warcry with no skill lag/mana penalty, whereas you can't do the same with stuns. As far as roots go, each root weighs 1kg, making them rather unwieldy to carry about, and in order to use any reasonable amount, you have to stay hungry enough, which is quite difficult when trying to juggle back-to-back duels or xp runs.


From: Ronnie Friday, July 17, 02:01PM

-nod agni- True, and if anything, bash is a bit overpowered against non-tumbling mages. If it were a single round skill lag on the victim, I could see how it might be better balanced, but with two, its nearly impossible to do anything if being attacked 2-1 with alternating bashes.

From: Agni Friday, July 17, 03:07PM

if you think of 2-1, nothing is more unbalanced as having two ppl alternate headbutts on you :P

but anything 2-1 is quite unbalanced anyway, and bash really stinks with its 3 round lag even on a bash that was tumbled. (a successful tumble should have 1 round lag or something) besides, cure crits only have like 1/2 round lag, which i think is the most unbalanced of all--mages can easily tank/attack at the same round, even. those icky 3rd cause types anyway.

From: Ronnie Friday, July 17, 04:40PM

Well, currently bash has enough advantages w/o reducing skill lag on a tumbled bash.

From: Agni Friday, July 17, 05:36PM

heh, you try bashing against a hit/flee sniper. one tumbled bash means that they can come back twice with backstab/kick, or just kick. And if you've played str before, you'll notice that it's incredibly hard to damage anything in pk without the aid of bash/choke/stun.. Anyway, elbow's damage should be upped still, kick is still roughly twice as strong as elbow, and hits a LOT more reliably than elbow.

From: Ronnie Friday, July 17, 06:11PM

Then use those other skills -boggle-

From: Agni Friday, July 17, 06:14PM

if you haven't noticed, not everyone is susceptible to all of those skills. -pat-

From: Nothing Friday, July 17, 06:52PM

Also those other skills aren't str skills, so telling a str/con fighter to use choke, or stun, would have them changing the whole char around. And I personally would not like to see a bunch of clones in pkill.

Also I think binding should be able to be dodged like stun, it's very hard for a nonmage to combat it.

From: Jehannum Friday, July 17, 09:05PM

Regarding bind, I agree with Nothing. I'm almost ashamed to use it when I duel someone.

As for stun and bash, both are cases where you most often pitch an extremely high stat against an extremely low one. So of course they hit a lot.

From: Jefahn Friday, July 17, 09:19PM

dispite the appends of agni and ronnie, the truth is, mages seem to always win against non-mages. Theoretically, they might be correct, but the facts doesn't show it...

From: Lethargio Friday, July 17, 09:23PM

personally, I have never won against a mage. my record of 6 wins are all from non-mages. May thats says something...

From: Rufus Friday, July 17, 10:13PM

The best defense against 'bind' (besides of course, magic sink and having high mind) means to redifine 'watch where you walk'. Bind is tied to the ground (or water for that matter) that you walk on. The higher the general area is in magical 'flavor' the easier it is to control those energies and bind.

Just food for thought, not saying that the spell is perfect.

From: Agni Friday, July 17, 09:22AM

It is tough to beat mages because there is the non-combat factor involved: HEALING.

No other char type can heal themselves in a manner even close to mages (assuming druids are, in most part, mages as well) and that makes a TON of a difference.

Fighter chars may have two more fighting stats that are higher than a mage, but even considering a 100/100/100 fighter, the mage will always be able to rely on stun, and a fighter can only take advantage of one of those stats at once (for combat skills) anyway.

Cure crit., cure light, create roots are all healing ways that make it nearly impossible to kill a mage unless you can corner him in a room, and most of the time it'll involve being a mage yourself.

(other than paras and id's)

Unless we have hps depend on all three fighting stats, I doubt that fighters will come close to par with mages, but that's just my two cents.


From: Chaykin Friday, July 17, 10:13PM

Let's not forget about all the druids you see sitting around wearing 'Will Heal For Food' signs, because large groups are so much less common. That's an exaggeration, yes, but the truth is there's a lot less work for healers these days...



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