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Posted by Morphine on 07/19

Ok, just wanted to post this message to sorta publically whine about the xp system.. anyone else suffered from the same thing, where basically the fun of killing mobs has entirely disappeared as the benefit of doing so has diminished? I've found most of my time occupied by idling in inns as of late, doing nothing of importance anymore, and really find it disappointing seeing what has happened to a mud that was once so much fun...

Throwing in my 2 pesos worth,


From: Juggernaut Friday, July 17, 02:19AM

Slightly more mobs with slightly more xp. All I ask for. ;) Like the Dun...

And um, lots and lots of XP for the um, more really stubborn ones?

From: Nothing Friday, July 17, 09:06AM

Part of the fun in mobkilling was seeing a significant change in your xp. I can kill for a couple hours now and have gained 500k at most, which doesn't seem like much compared to the 37 or so million I have. I don't see too many xp runs happening for lvl 50s in the future, and those that do will be short lived.

From: Agni Friday, July 17, 09:28AM

What bothers me most is the fact that deaths have become more expensive than they were before. 2mil was 20 lvl 50 mobs then, now with 750k, it's 37.5 lvl 50 mobs. 17.5 might not seem much here, but it adds up quickly.

Also, i still think xp demand is much higher than xp supply, especially for those of us who'd like to think they've grown beyond hacking-everything-in-sight type of lvlling employed at much earlier levels.

I've recently made a few xp runs, at it irks me to no end that i've made 6mil when i would've made 30mil. That's 24 mil difference in a week or so.

It seems that if i commit myself, i'd make roughly 1 mil a day under this system, and that'd give me 2 and a half months to retire a pk char IF i don't die, etc.

Maybe that was the aim, I don't know, but chars should be able to retire more easily than that. 3 months is quite a long lifespan for a char imho, i tend to lose interest in my chars around the 200 hr - 250 hr mark.

Anyway, yeah, i gave this system quite a bit of a try, and as much as i like the system for lvls 3-10 or so, it's merciless for lvl 40-50+.

From: Rictor Friday, July 17, 12:53PM

Ya know, I liked the idea from the start, that if we could balance out the levels so we instead of having the levels be hard-east-hard they could go from hard to easy, but I agree with all posts here, something didnt work right, every new addition to this mud should have the aim of not only attracting new people, but keeping the old people happy, and it seems to me that maybe you missed the latter I dont really know what I'm trying to say, other then I hope that there is some sort of revision that is going in to make it all seem better. Whatever you were trying to do here, it misfired.

The Knight who has already seen one of his Favorite MUDs die because the imms were adding to much new additions, and drove off the MUD populace for lack of Fun.

Rictor Belmont

From: Ulric Friday, July 17, 06:11PM

Besides the xp system making it no fun to kill big mobs anymore (which I completly agree with 100%) it also doesnt make any sort of sense. Any newbie that begins to play the game enough to get up to level 40 or so is going to realise how little sense it makes for very tough mobs that take groups to kill to be worth 30-60k, mobs that will do damage and/or be somewhat difficult solo to be worth 20-25k, and mobs to be 4 rounds of headbutt/stun/choke and BAM they are dead with 10hps or less of a loss to be worth 14-19k. All everyone is doing is running the easier mobs because you may not get the full 20k that a big challenging mob would supply, but you get an avg of 16k of effortless, boring, senseless mob killing. What is the fun in that? It doesnt take an oldbie to figure out that its retarded for there to be so many of these challenging level 50 mobs around and none of them to be worth the effort for the most part. I've spoken to numerous new players that already have noticed this and dont understand the logic behind it, and neither do i for the most part. The new xp system is a good idea, and is great for low levels.. but is sooooo tedious and boring for level 40+, that it sucks the fun out of those levels completly. I'm not really suprised to see more low level characters running around these days than ever because thats lately the only fun time to mobkill.. there is still a great reward for the risk you put in.. for the upper levels there is no reward hardly for the risk you put in, and ultimatly thats why people would mob kill tough mobs, and group to kill bigger mobs. So this isnt an old player issue... but a fun issue in my opinion, it isnt boring for the players that have been around for longer than a year now because we remember the old ways blah blah blah, but its just plain boring..

From: Myrella Friday, July 17, 09:30PM

Ah now where shall I begin ?

When I first heard the new xp scale was to come in I couldn't help but be hopefully optimistic about it. The problems that I heard the new system was to correct where in no doubt in needed of correction. I was silly for level 6 to such an oddity and the mid levels be so easy to atain. However after my first kill of a level 50 mob I was rather rudely shocked, 20k ? Surely the system needed work. being fully prepared to give the system a chance I pateintly waited as the mobs were 'adjusted' to the new scale. Now that the mobs (all of them?) have been adjusted I cant say I am impressed with the result. Was the old xp scale so flawed that this change was needed to be made in such a radical manner ?

While I dont dissagree with the idea of changing the xp scale to make it progressivly harder as you level, or the removal of the notorious 'powerleveling' Why was it changed so much as to destory the enjoyment those of us had playing a high-level character ? getting xp a fifth of what it used to be seems to have reduced xp to the level of futility for a character past level 50. The goals of 100 million xp have gone from reasonably difficult to an exercise in insanity. While I am sure people I am sure will be quick to leap to the defense of the new scale dont get me wrong I like the new scale, what I dont like is that fact that the xp given per mob kill still needs serious work.

Not really knowing exact figures on the old xp scale for this I just worked out rather diturbing numbers under the new system. To reach level 50 under the new system takes 2500 mob kills of the same level as you, I cant honestly remember how many the old system took but I am pretty sure It wasn't close to that.. Was the old system so flawed that we should have to kill 2500 mobs to reach 50 ? Is ataining level 50 so bad that we need to kill that many mobs ?

Anyway wrapping this up as its getting long.. I cant help but feel the reasons for playing a high level chanracter has been seriously hurt by the new xp scale. I cant help but wonder is there any serious attempt to reslove this issue that so many of us high levels feel or are we voicing our concerns in vain ?

Gawd what a ramble......


From: Rufus Friday, July 17, 11:47PM

Just FYI, if you only killed mobs your level in the old system, (the numbers are available at http://mud.sig.net/xpscale.html) You had to kill 3124 mobs without dying to make it to level 50.


From: Rufus Friday, July 17, 11:53PM

Oh, and another side note, the official policy on amount of exp needed to unclan will decrease to 50 million in the relatively near future.

That would mean about 25 days for you agni, if you did a mil/day, that gives you 2 months to get to 50, before you get bored of the character, well within your capability, and well within the limits you set on your term limit for interest in characters.


From: Lethargio Saturday, July 18, 05:52AM

I'm still concerned with the xp loss at death, because us people who are not really trying to reach 100 mil are having to kill almost twice as many mobs to make up xp after death...(emphisize on the almost)

This is primarily speaking from a pkill point of view, which I think that maybe pkill death could be lowered because it is different from mob death, which is usually a result from carelessness...also, I don't think "cheapening" the value of death will result in mass murder, the people here know better than that, imho.

From: Rufus Saturday, July 18, 09:42AM

Okay, we did have many long discussions concerning the cost of death. We compromised at a point where you gained actually quite a few more deaths to the point of perma, but they cost a little more.

Had we kept the old system, as you well know, it would have been 100 level 50 mobs in order to regain your exp (or 50 for pkill) (that is, old system for figuring cost of death, new system of exp). However, the total number of kills before you permadie is up about 66%, about as much as the increase for # of kills to recoup lost exp.

It was one of those odd things we needed to make a concession on while still making permadeath somewhat of a threat, making recovering exp possible, and working with the numbers.


From: Agni Sunday, July 19, 06:32PM

100 x 100k = 10,000,000... that's 10 mil if i'm not mistaken, and i recall it being 1 mil xp loss (10 lvl 50 mobs) per pk death. I think.


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