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Posted by Cornflake on 07/19

All the discussion doesn't change the fact that an experienced player can reach level 20 with a newbie in a day or so. I am not sure how the level 20-40 are under the new sytem, but I know that 40+ is dreary and boring. I feel like my first ever high level char, who is at 49, is in suspened animation. It seems to me that the system wasn't so much changed as stood on it's head. Now instead of really working for those first 15-20 levels, having an ok time of mid levels, and blowing through 40-50, it's just the opposite. On a side note, whoever said that they could level 20-40 super fast, I have no clue how you did it. I certainly never figured out how! Anyway, I think maybe there should be some adjustment in the lower and higher levels.

just some thoughts,

Cornflake Girl

From: Croaker Saturday, July 18, 11:11AM

I think you exactly make the point here I would want you to see. Under the old system, I could make a 50th level character in a day or so. That left no sense of achievement, no reason for levelling, no fun in the whole thing. The new XP system makes it harder _each level_ to advance, which may not be what you a a player want (the I want it all now mentality but makes more sense in terms of balance of play and is good for the game as a whole.

The other great benefit of the new XP system that noone is really talking about here - now every mob on the mud is an XP mob at some level or another. My 30-something character now go wander around in hell killing all those medium level mobs for fun and XP (you know, the ones we always used to sleep before). Legend is fun again! It isn't a race to see who can kill higgie and the guestmaster.

A question for the player-base - would it be better if extremely difficult mobs were worth a whole lot more XP? Say a mob that takes 5-6 people to kill be worth 6-7 time what a typical 50th level is worth no now. Would that solve some problems and make you want to go kill those big mobs instead of 40-45th level mobs?


From: Jolamhir Saturday, July 18, 11:35AM


Personally I would have to say yes, having the real hard mobs be worth significantly more would certainly motivate me to help kill them. As it stands now, it's easier to kill a few 40 level mobs than to go toe-to-toe with the big boys, given the amount of reward for both. It would also give healers some more value.. the group bonus helped them some but they're still not that sought after 'cause most people don't need them to _survive_ the fights their picking.


From: Nothing Sunday, July 19, 07:26AM

I agree, the mobs you need groups to kill are only being killed for equipment (if that's they have needed eq). And it would be a great thing for healers.


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