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XP getting for certain char types.

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Posted by Agni on 07/20

The new xp scale is great for a char with strategies little more than kill/rage/bash or headbutt headbutt headbutt. But there are some chars that spend a good deal of time toying with mobs that are a lot bigger (rephrase that to used to) in order to gain enough xp that justified the amount of time put in in killing a mob.

With the devaluation in perc, high perc chars (those i played anyway) simply picked a few relatively decent xp-chars and spend time with those, as they were worth the time put in, and had enough repop break for my chars to heal on their own.

In order to lvl or gain xp with such chars now, it's much more efficient just to do what everyone else is doing--simply kill away all those lower lvl mobs (for any char with some fighting stats, those lower lvl chars really don't mean much in terms of difficulty).

To me, it has diminished the fun in playing certain char types--why bother with the extra typing when the result is the same as if you'd have had a bot running about killing things? You can easily have a bot do a high-lvl xp run now, now that it's not substantially different from that of a low lvl xp run.

Although I do like the fact that mobs are worth some xp to almost all lvls it still needs to give the option of quantity vs. quality, especially at higher lvls.

That would leave some room for different char types, and if plenty were available, even some room for groups.

From: Ulric Monday, July 20, 01:39AM

-curse link-

I actually have to think when I kill big mobs... anyway point is there is no logical reason to kill level 50 mobs, which is retarded in my opinion. I've done both many times.. and have completly decided what is best, the easier mobs. I stil havent decided if grouping is worth it, I've done well at times and at other times gotten little xp. It just seems silly that level 50 mobs are only worth around 20k.. and doesnt logically make any sort of sense. The math may work out, but when you actually run around and kill mobs, take a total of 50 hps of damage for 10 15k mobs, and then take like 50 hps of damage for a level 50 mob.. you quickly begin to realize how little sense it makes... I'm no math major but 150k xp is better than 22k.. but damn its boring.. -yawn-

From: Rufus Monday, July 20, 01:57AM

Re: Ulric

I hope you can trust me when I say that mob balance is my # 1 priority after I took over Head Builder again.

Changing the exp on ever single mob in the game is relatively easy (in fact, builders have to override the default with a special flag now), but modifying the fighting styles, hit points, stats, mana, spells, resistances, armor classes, damage and equipment of even just all the level 50 mobs in the game is a chore that is almost frightening to think about.

And I'm listening. I know it's more beneficial to kill lower level mobs and it gets boring. Remember, I play too =) Anyway, it is something that i will be addressing in the relatively near future (I'm currently caught up in putting the final touching on player housing, which may take a couple more days).


From: Yvonne Monday, July 20, 11:44AM

In response to Rufus' last post, specifically the line- (I'm currently caught up in putting the final touching on player housing, which may take a couple more days).

Does this mean we can expect to see player housing relatively soon?


Lady Yvonne Alexander.

From: Rufus Monday, July 20, 01:53PM

Relatively. I still have to finalize the format of the section, make sure every detail is worked out, and that no bugs exist, then I have to make sure it conforms with a majority of the imms ideas, etc. That and I'm working like 60 hours this week so I might not get much of a chance.


From: Lethargio Monday, July 20, 07:49PM

ick...I better save up some money then...


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