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Posted by Earthworm on 07/20


Just thought I'd add a few notes of my own here, having read through piles of complaints, suggestions, and everything in between.

I've played legend for a little over 2 years now, and in that time the only chars except one that have even -hit- level 50 are my pkillers. This char, for example, has been around prolly 7 months I'd guess, and is still only level 48....

I think that the new system, although a real shock for us oldbie players, is something that requires a change on the part of the players, not the code. The old "race to 50" has all but disappeared, and I find that although I -hate- the new system for my pkillers, I think it's quite good for my nonclanned. Why? It's simple really.

Unclanned chars tend to pick their own fights. We attack the mobs we want at the levels we want when we want, and slowly build our way up to level 50. Playing my mid-level chars is fun, and I focus more time on RP and less time on killing.

Clanned chars, however, have to maintain as much advantage over the competition as possible, and level 50 is the ONLY level at which you can't have a char higher level than you beating you up. Hence the rush for many players to hit level 50.

With the removal of many of hte level 50's as we get bored, perhaps more players will opt for pkill at lower levels. I look at people like Yvonne or Ronnie, who are pkilling at level 20-30 or somewhere there, and this is something I've rarely if ever seen before. And to me, that's a good thing.

All in all, I think the game now allows players of ALL levels to get their hands dirty and have some fun. The only thing that REALLY needs to change is our own perception of what XP and levels really are.

I'd agree with most that level 50 is boring now. I hate having to get xp with my pkiller to recover from pk deaths... I ESPECIALLY hate the fact that being killed by a doppel or summoned creature is treated as a mob death rather than a pkill death. But the more that I look at the new system, the more it makes sense.

I used to play AD&D many moons back, and can remember people who would fudge their chars just to be "the best". Cheating, whatever was required to have it all. This is a game, and those who take the time to advance will appreciate their chars more. Perhaps even build a little RP along the way, make some friends, etc. We won't have level 50 pkillers popping up every few days, and that to me is good.

More rambling than I had intended, but I think we all need to think about where the focus is here. If you want to have it all, why not play a single-player game with a bunch of cheat keys, and satisfy those urges. In life, you have to grow up slowly and learn as you go - and this is an extension of that.

Keep making suggestions to improve the game, but don't base your opinion of the new system on what the old system was... only an objective mind can ever see the beauty of change.

Earthworm the Wiggly

From: Lethargio Monday, July 20, 07:51PM

I've said this before, but reducing xp loss from pkill would shut most of the high lev pkillers up, imho.

That kind of includes me too :0,


From: Agni Monday, July 20, 08:55PM

The game now allows players of all levels to get their hands dirty and have some fun.

If their idea of fun is having their hands down and dirty constantly, with little results Lvl-to-50, now or then, is still not quite what makes up the bulk of a clanned char's liftetime. Granted lvling is more tedious now, but the difficulty hasn't changed. Changes were made in the amount of xp given, not on the mobs' individual difficulty, so the game actually remains quite the same in terms of difficulty.

What has changed, however, is the time one needs to invest to get from point A to point B.

What has been done? The xp scale shifted the amount of time a new player would spend at lower lvls to higher lvls.

Given that a great number of players here are actually old players, and chars do tend to last longer at higher lvls than they do at lower lvls (unproven theory of mine, which says that high lvl chars have less turnover rate)

Also, the problem with lvl 50 mobs is that they are quite a bit stronger than lvl 45 mobs, much more than the diff between, say, 40-45, however you'd calculate such.

It'd be nice if the mobs had lvl restrictions regarding stats similar to players, a lvl 1 char having, say, 200 stat points to split from, +5 pts to take account of lvl 1 char's rent (the 'char' above should've read 'mob ) so a lvl 2 mob would have 210 stats to split, lvl3 215... lvl50 having a reasonable 460 (?) points to split with.

And, of course, with variety of stat combos between mobs, so there can be the rock/scissor/paper effect when different char types fight.


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