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Posted by Tempus on 07/21

Okay, I know this might be to some a stupid question to ask...but why can't we just unclan when we reach 50th level at will?

Tempus Kittredge, the knight of legend that really want to unclan.

From: Ishtar Tuesday, July 21, 02:43AM

Well, some people would probably clan, run around making a nuisance of themselves, and then unclan before anybody could do something about it :P

Under the current system somebody can still throw their weight around and act like a jerk when they reach the xp to unclan, feeling invulnerable, but at least it limits how often they can do it. Also, it would provide more opportunities for cross-play if people can just clan each character, level to 50 and then discard it- not that you would do either of the above of course, but I'm sure there are some who would.

I do think an alternative would be to have some requirement based on the number of hours you have played a character, rather than just on xp. Or perhaps two options, one based on xp, the other on hours played- but I don't know how feasible that is.


From: Malia Tuesday, July 21, 06:45AM

Heh, some people would be pkenabled for a day. From what I understood, retirement from pkill by xp gain was never something that was supposed to be easily obtainable.

From: Agni Tuesday, July 21, 03:32PM

Yeah, unclanning is supposed to be something reasonably difficult to accomplish when you do nothing but pk and stuff.


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