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Posted by Crackerjack on 07/25

I came a bit late to the discussion about OOC but here are a few points I'd like to make about spell effects and OOC:

At the moment it seems a little strange that effects like balance and fly stop you going OOC, yet effects useful for Pkill such as strength, bless etc dont. A particular thing that OOC is being used (abused) for is to extend the life of create mage roots - pkillers making 15+ roots then sitting OOC waiting for a "target" to show up.

Perhaps you should be unable to go OOC if you have healing roots on you. Another way to work it would be instead of preventing people from going OOC with certain spell effects as happens now, going OOC could "dispel" those spells and effects such as sink, armor etc (as well as poofing healing roots)


From: Khamul Saturday, July 25, 12:30AM

I just thought of this, maybe mentioned before but...

I don't think weight limit (STR+30) should apply in ooc. It is a pain in the butt having to spam just to be able to walk ooc then spam to do something else ic again.

I dunno. Maybe isn't a good idea. Just throwing it out for disc.



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