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accelerated healing

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Posted by Crackerjack on 08/04

I read somewhere in Rufus' post that the imms are thinking of adding a type of rapid HP regeneration feature, and thought I would throw in a few ideas before things get decided on.

For a start I have to say that in PKill non-mages currently are at a distinct disadvantage to mages, I see fewer and fewer pkillers now who arent mages (or at the very least spam mages for roots). Healing for non mages is a huge pain, sleeping in your clanhall for 15 minutes is definately not much fun :P - heal/meditate for mages is obviously considerably faster.

Therefore it would be great if the accelerated regeneration was for non-mages ONLY. The best way I can see to do this is simply if you have chant, you dont get accelerated healing (obviously the imms would be able to remove chant from those who have it but dont actually use it before this was implimented). I say base it on chant because I dont think that spam mages should get the accelerated healing either - lets see more pure fighters in pkill, this is a great way to give them a boost, and a reason for people to make them (as someone said in a post above, variety in PK types is something we should be aiming for).

PS: Its nice that I get a chance to comment on a change _before_ it goes in, some of us have been round here a while and I think our ideas could be useful - be nice to see more of it.


From: Drax Tuesday, July 21, 02:08PM

Just a thought on the healing idea.

How about making 3 levels of skills, that cost maybe 2 practices a level, and that are con based, to determine HP regen rate? Pure fighters will definately be able to spare the practices. Mages will have a much harder time, and with root available, why bother. Maybe make it hometown restricted to not agrabah as well.

Just my 2 cents


From: Agni Tuesday, July 21, 02:15PM

Accelerated healing, however fast it may be, won't be too competitive since they'll most likely be tick-based, and probably able to be undermined via poison, bleeding, and probably also not appliable when you aren't resting.

All us mages would do is simply to poison the fighter--some of us can even do that non-agg, while invis--and voila! If we blind the fighters, they can't even rent the poison effect out.

If anything, fighters should be granted a method that is tick-independent, much like first aid.

However, that'd basically promote non-diversity; you'd have 'different' chars that amount to the same thing.

So what do we do with the fighters? Even taking away heal from mages would probably result in a flurry of spam augmenters, narrowing down char diversity even further.

One possible way that could be interesting would be to grant a 'silence' skill--it will pit the fighter's con/str/dex vs. the mage's, and upon success, will take out chant for a tick.

This way, a fighter will have a reasonable chance to totally catch the mage off-guard, forcing the mage to abandon their usual slew of tactics. Also, the blind spell should be tumble-able (would say dodgable but dodge now has perc req). A cause mage can stay invis and follow the target around til he/she crashes into something big, then inspire/bind and take their time.

Vanish being as powerful as it is, there should be a random lunge skill that attempts to bash a certain person that is invis, provided you get the name right. Upon failure, you will be disoriented, upon success, you will send the invis-person sprawling and, of course, make him vis.

Another thing is, stealing is an aggressive pk action--you are not allowed to do so in safe rooms--yet you can safely steal/fail while invis. That should be changed so that it'll bring you vis if you attempt a steal.

Anyway, enough spam for now.


From: Zak Tuesday, July 21, 08:16PM

for many of the above reasons that agni posted. i find it a requirement for my char type(fighter in pkill) to wear some kind of see-invis equipt. sure you could say why not just make a fighter that can brew then... again I wanted to be more specialized rather than have access to many skills. Th The problem that I found was that specialized fighters just dont exist. I know that skilltrees will fix this. My biggest complaint is that mages hav access to healing, along with allt he rest of their tricks. I go along withdraw mostof what solomon posted. Mages shouldn't be able to fight (as fighters do) well at all. Most computer games I have played in the past made fighters and mages a very distinct and separate entity. Mages in fact are usually very weak when found to be without mana. Mages should depend on mana more and have less in the way of hps and such to rely on should their mana run out. I'm all for mages having powerful spells, but I just think at the momment in the course of one battle they have access to too many tricks. Mages should have to have some sort of plan to have to rely on when it comes to fighting so they can spend their mana wisely. I see I'm starting to ramble but I just want to conclude once more by saying that a mage should be dependent on spells. a fighter on skills and physical attributes. Legend just doesn't create many dependencies for mages and creates too many for fighters

From: Ea! Tuesday, July 21, 08:43PM


It sounds like most of you are thinking on the same general lines that we are: mage's healing ability is too great, increasing regen rate would help magesj ust as much as fighters, etc.

We're still a little way from having a good solution, but we're thinking about ways to help fighters regen.

We try to avoid making fighters and mages strongly seperated because we really do want to avoid classes within the mud. (Not that moving them further apart would cause this necessarily, but it's certainly something to think about when you're designing changes.)

As for the solution for healing, we don't have one yet. Any ideas which you can contribute are appreciated. (We've got a few ideas, but that's all they are at this point, we haven't even tested any of them).


From: Solomon Tuesday, July 21, 10:13PM

I believe that we need to strongly separate -specialized- fighters and mages. The more specialized a mage you are, the harder it is to compete by relying on weapons. My opinion only, but the way to do this is to stack the practice and stat requirements for skills and spells so that you have to make some hard choices. You should be able to be a fighter/mage if you want to, but you shouldn't expect to be able to have enough practices or stat points to reach the level of specialization in either mode.

From: Yvonne Tuesday, July 21, 10:57PM

I have to say that I'm rather strongly against removing a mage's ability to heal. Part of this is obviously selfish-I find it hard to win fights without healing, in pkill at least. But I also think that this will remove much of the finesse required to play a mage. The thing about having many options at your fingertips is that everyone uses them differently. Some mages use a lot of damage spells, some stick to stun, some to bind and blind, others to heal. Most mages have a pretty distinctive style, as far as I can tell. I think that removing options from mages will make them less fun to play.

Yes, mages are overpowered, but I don't think that removing the ability to heal is the answer.

Just my 2 cents, Yvonne.

From: Magius Tuesday, July 21, 11:34PM

Well if you want my two cents worth, you know back in the day mages like me had 100 dex 100 mind 566 HP and 560 Mana with a level 25 cure crit, so you know maybe it has been helped a little :)

Magius - Old Timer

From: StrongDruid Wednesday, July 22, 04:00AM

I agree completely with Magius and Yvonne.

Besides, it seems to me that most of the arguments here are based on pkill problems. I really fail to see why pkill should dictate changes affecting even unclanned, taking away a lot of fun in playing the game from them.

As for mages, they have been severily weakened already as it is. Since you seem mostly to discuss pkill, maybe you haven't even noticed that, but from an unclanned's poin of view much of the fun in playing mages is already gone, by a number of spells rendered more or less useless. It has come to the point really, where I ofted don't even find it fun anymore to play my mages, especially the create ones.

I think that the idea of letting non mages regenerate faster is much better than the one about taking even more away from mages, especially if it's only to accomodate pkill complaints :( And why is it so outrageous for mages to have healing ability btw, magic healing makes perfect sense, at least as much as any other type of magic

From: Ixeldreth Wednesday, July 22, 01:16PM

I have to agree with the thought mages have had enough pulled. I also agree fighters need more advantages. I would rather see the game expanded than to be cut more. Can't we have high powered skills that require a number of high combat stats. Mages wouldn't be able to handle it and spells, probably not even spamming. Say a requirement of 100 80 80 for something awesome like increasing hit and dam, maybe even number of attacks. Super heal based on awesome physical abilities. Im sure there are more.

another 2 cents

From: Estel Tuesday, August 04, 02:54PM

just make meditate 80 spirit or so, and you cant spam back right after spamming to meditate..


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