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Posted by Juggernaut on 07/22

German Bier is too overpowered.

And can it be made that alcoholic drink effects be reduced for people with high constitution? You would think that people that large can probably hold their drink in.

And how about specials that make you randomly pour beer on someone when you try to drunkenly drink from a container, instead of always getting that icky

-HIC- reply?

Something light and casual.

A relief from the heavy techie posts. Don't you think?

The Juggernaut seeks more ways to amuse himself

From: Lethargio Wednesday, July 22, 07:42PM

another light suggestion:

how about a mob thats worth 1 mil exp but is just freaking impossible to kill? That would keep a lot of bored 50ers amused for a while...

make sure it resists poison and other misc spells that might enable them to kill them easily!



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