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Posted by Lethargio on 08/02

easy solution to solomon's post:

I don't have a mage with cure crit, but how is the ratio of mana costs to the amount healed between light heal and cure crit? maybe if light healing could have a lower mana cost, so non-pk mages can still heal themselves. (it would only take a couple of minutes compared with mages

...oops, I mean to only 30 seconds spending to heal all the way)

At least this way, mages wont have the advantage of healing themselves instantly during a pk fight...


From: StrongDruid Friday, July 24, 07:06AM

I still don't see why pkill problems should dictate decisions that affect the unclanned?

If you want to remove the healing spells from clanned mages, fine. But leave the unclanned alone, or at least don't mess up their play because of pkill that they have nothing to do with.

From: Lethargio Saturday, July 25, 03:54AM

cuz the imms don't like making differences between the pkill and non- pkill. They're just like that.

From: StrongDruid Saturday, July 25, 12:57PM

That may be Leth, but I still don't see any reason for pkill to dictate decisions affecting all.

From: Lethargio Sunday, July 26, 06:55PM

well actually, even on a non-pkill view, mages are the only type of char that can heal themselves relatively quickly. I have a create mage char, and I can heal myself in like 30 seconds. I say put everyone in the same boat.

From: Lethargio Sunday, July 26, 06:57PM

kind of wierd when mages can heal themselves just as good (better than doc tors) as druids or surgeons who are designated for healing -shrug-

From: StrongDruid Monday, July 27, 08:40AM

Then I can only repeat what I said already: Magical healing makes just as much sense as any other magic, more in many cases.

From: Lethargio Tuesday, July 28, 05:14AM

lotsa times realism or things that make 'sense' has been sacrificed to make a better balance...if you want realism, I'll shoot someone with my rifle and they'll die in a second :)

From: StrongDruid Wednesday, July 29, 01:24AM

Game balance in pkill yes! Which brings us back to the origin: Why should pkill dictate decisions that affect unclanned in a major way?

IMHO, if there is a game balance problem in pkill, then solve it within pkill, without runining the game for unclanned who have nothing to do with pkill nor do want any part of it. It certainly is a balance problem in the unclanned game.

And btw, if I understand it correctly the pkill code is already separated from the other code, so why should it be impossible to solve this problem within pkill only? If it really is a problem, which I still am not convinced of.

And anyway, I don't think even you would welcome an attitude here, if it was to do just about anything to accomodate pkillers without any consideration taken to those who aren't. So maybe it would be a good idea to ask oneself before suggesting things how it will affect those who aren't pkillers? But judging from a lot of posts here on this board, maybe it's too much to ask.

From: StrongDruid Wednesday, July 29, 01:35AM

There was a typo in the previous post, I meant to say it certainly is -not- a balance problem in the unclanned game

From: Lethargio Wednesday, July 29, 03:47PM

actually, I think balance in pkill is important for non-pkillers too... if one type of char dominates over every other, why would anyone want to make any other type of char than that one? (unless they get bored, of cour se.) balance between chars are universal, and important to keep somewhat a diversity on the mud, imho

From: Rufus Wednesday, July 29, 06:58PM

Actually there are many places where the code separates, but I'd say 90% of the pkill/non-pkill code is exactly the same. We'd like that number to grow, not shrink.


From: Lethargio Thursday, July 30, 03:29AM

yep...so thats how its going to be...pkill and non pkill will be interrelated no matter what then.

From: StrongDruid Friday, July 31, 12:51AM

Even less reason to let pkill -dictate- decisions that affect all, I should say.

From: Ishtar Friday, July 31, 07:29AM

The problem is that although not all players have a pkill enabled character, pkill is where an imbalance can have the most severe consequences, since players come into direct competition. If another character type has some advantage that always them to kill mobs more efficiently than you can, thats a problem, but if it allows them to kill your character more efficiently than you can kill theirs, its a problem with more severe consequences =P

Really it should be that balance is the same for both pkill and non-pkill characters, but since there are quite a few features in the game that are not very powerful in mob kill but are extremely powerful in pkill and vice versa, it doesn't turn out that way.

Not that I have any suggestions, just rambling...


From: Lethargio Saturday, August 01, 12:27AM

so is there an imm response for this? anything being done to balance? (or at least a conformation that youre not?) hmm, maybe just wait for skill trees to come in...

From: Zak Saturday, August 01, 12:03PM

the trees have sprouted, but we haven't seen any leaves yet :P they must be oak saplings or something

From: Rufus Saturday, August 01, 03:58PM

Is there any imm responsible for this?

Yes, the entire coding and building staff

Anything being done to balance?

Yes, it's one of the most discussed and worked on topics on the mud these days (if you hadn't noticed my appends and board posts for the last 6 months or so).

And speaking of skilltrees...

Originally skilltrees was many things... hp/mana/mv based on current stats, new fight system, housing, etc etc etc, we decided to put it in in pieces rather than all at once, so in essence, you're playing part of skilltrees right now. As for the actual tree'd part of skills, there's a tenative date between october and novemeber that we hope to have them ready for testing.


From: Lethargio Sunday, August 02, 02:19AM


From: Zak Sunday, August 02, 01:57PM



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