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Posted by Zak on 08/01

can the specs from hell be toned down rent wise please? pk'in gainst mages almost means you have to have them and loose 7 stat points :( and the rent kills anyone who has to carry around items like herne's horns/luckstones and whatnot so we can hurt mages enough while we get our one round after waking up from being stunned/bound/blinded!

From: Zak Saturday, July 25, 09:32PM

oh yah, and if this is unreasonable can we please have some more items that go into the used as light slot that are maybe timed and are only around 1000 or so rent or something... its silly how lamps/torches and whatnot have to be held. aren't they a light?

From: Rufus Sunday, July 26, 12:17AM

Actually the 'light' slot was never intended for permanent items. It actually isn't a wearslot, per se, but was meant for those things that 'float around and follow you' such as glowing orbs of light.


From: Zak Sunday, July 26, 12:34AM

still doesn't mean ther can't be timed ones someday

From: Nothing Sunday, July 26, 06:04PM

There are timed ones in the game, just not easy to get.

From: Celia Sunday, July 26, 10:35PM

There are also plenty of things that do what the specs do, readily available in the game.

From: Agni Sunday, July 26, 11:54PM

taking up rent, you mean? :P

From: Zak Monday, July 27, 04:34PM

the plenty of other things out there that are the same as specs narrows down to 2 realistic options for a fighter. one of them isn't always there and is cursed and also has no stats -5 for fighters. the other most fighters can't make and the bought version is quite renty as well with tehse two only having very short lifespans. blah blah blah

From: Lethargio Saturday, August 01, 12:30AM

speaking of specs...face slots are made for mages! (I can think of 1 or 2 items thats not, that kind of sucks)

From: Zak Saturday, August 01, 01:02PM

yah, they basically have the only +5 item, sure we can use that item now that we have the new req, but really it stinks for those of us who dont need any + for the req :/


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