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Posted by Zak on 07/27

alright heres the problem as i see it: fighters have x number of options when pkilling against a mage. Mages have y number of options. Currently y >> x. If a fighter wants to have more options it means carrying around very renty items. The problem with this is that most fighters can't afford such options and x-<-<-< y. Most eq items out there for fighters are hecka renty because they are assumed to be nice items. Things like Poets Rings, and Kestrel charms being the lovely +5 overal that they are, and tending to be more helpful for mages (just because of their reqs) are really nice items for little rent. Now I am not saying jack up the rent on these items because it makes for less options for mages (because they have to start ditching other items like chalices) The thing is that currently pk-type people are being funneled into three dominant categories, the snipers, the mages and the fighters.

However, because the fighter's options are so limited when the fight the 90% mage pk population out there, they are pretty much forced to set up their eq in a way that while they have that one round where they can get something in before they get a sticking stun for the next 6 rounds -Bleah-... they have to do as much damage as possible otherwise its just not realistic to try and fight a mage -blind/bind- -doppel/summon flee/heal- etc... The fighters spend all their time trying to outlast a mage's mana. As it is, most fighters can't do it just because some of the mage spells are uncounterable and if they are the fighter usually doesn't have access to counters because he can't rent them! Blah I'm starting to ramble. I think I'll append when I think of what else I was going to say.

From: Lethargio Sunday, July 26, 07:00PM

right. These has been discussed a lot recently, I still havn't heard a imm response yet though...-twiddle-

Might be a touchy issue :)

From: Agni Sunday, July 26, 07:10PM

There are tons of equip that goes either way, although in general there are more stuff for the 'balanced' character, which mostly turns out to be mages.

The spirit quest, for example, serves no function whatsoever for a straight-out fighter. If only this quest was transferrable in some way (maybe costing a prac or two) fighters would gain quite a bit. As it stands now, however, it's a 10 stat gap in favor of mages.

As far as poets rings and other low-rent max-stat items go, i've found them equally useful for either class types, just that fighters might have to use other types of eq in those slots to compete with mages.

If anything can balance the fighter/mage problem, i'd think it'd rest on more skills that grant the effect disorient, probably more frequent than elbow, and with tons of pre-reqs to boot.

(thinking of roughly 80 80 80, at least--for a mage to have that skill would mean that they'd not have a full combat stat) Disorient will knock the chance of spells down a few, and a couple other things that would make a mage quite a bit more challenging to play against fighters.

Also, getting rid of spamming would help balance a lot, and make it easier for future balancing as well. If mages had to choose between meditate and combat stats, it would certainly bring them down a few, be it through the 15-20 stat points they lose, or via the 6k rent loss by carrying a [something].


From: Lethargio Monday, July 27, 05:45AM

No getting rid of spamming. Not yet, at least. With grouping being classified as "useless" right now, many healers (who are spam healers would be out of a job, and you'll see a lot less healers out in the mud.

From: Zak Monday, July 27, 09:43PM

i was thinking about the options we have as fighters. one is to throw vials at people... unfortunately most of the mages on this mud have the juggling skill and as most people who have had things thrown at them know. juggle works 90% of the time it seems. If mages were restricted access to the skill and given that practice back or something, it would open up another route for us to take. I also think that mages shouldn't have access to any of the expert fighting skills, but I dont think people would like that very much just because some mobs would be unSOLOable then for them :P and for other reasons. more to come later...


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