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Poisoning Weapons

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Posted by Riptide on 07/30

could we add maybe a few other options besides poisoning a weapon? Like maybe putting limn on it. Currently only evil or neutral people can poison weapons... something for the good people out there would be nice. Also I think it should be a london thing just because london is so lacking. Just an idea limn is the first thing I thought of, but I'm sure there are other logical ones as well.

From: Agni Wednesday, July 29, 08:58PM

heh, yeah, put ointment on a weapon so it heals the victim as you fight :)

From: Goliath Thursday, July 30, 05:57PM

Heres a thought for londoners ---

give them the ability to put a scroll to a weapon.......

Like the weaken scroll -- the weapon would then cast the scroll against whomever it first strikes



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