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Posted by Sandra on 08/02

This post is a day early, but I thought I'd post something to get the discussion started for Friday's code update. Append your ideas for redemption points here, please. Be realistic.


From: Sparhawk Thursday, July 30, 09:51PM

Just one question for now..

Do all character tha have more than 50 million xp right now get redemption points for the xp they've allready earned ?


From: Bokonon Thursday, July 30, 11:22PM

From what was posted on the welcome board, it seems that 2 non-colors = 1 color; 2 colors = 1 multi-color; 4 non-colors = 1 multi Maybe the redemption prizes could reflect this, like for chars that want only multis or only colors.

Also, maybe configurable items, within strict limits. I have a very difficult time finding items for certain slots, and I don't think it would be too unbalancing.

Um ... maybe when player housing goes in, points could be used towards ren (rent) or customization.

Perhaps points could be used as practices. A level 50 who can't complete a quest or two that requires certain skills that not everyone has might really enjoy completing a new quest.

Perhaps several quest points could be used to Pkill enable.

Color strings only applicable to a smidge of zip for only 1 point.

being able to add an item to the prize machine (with approval)

A number of tokens, maybe 2 or 3, for one point.

Hmmm ... If I think of more I'll append. This is fun!

From: Agni Friday, July 31, 03:44AM

coupons are nice, although i was hoping for more in-game benefits such as 1k increase in rent per redemption point.

also, if unclanning is to cost a redemption point, there should be some other benefits to staying clanned other than having loaded yourself with lootable coupons and strings.

whatever happened to the original idea of giving extra hp/ma rolls? with the range being 2-11, i thought it was too minor to matter significantly, yet something nice to have for those of us too lazy to create a new char :P

for 3 redemption points, i think we should be allowed a skill outside our hometown restriction (brew :P) or something. something nifty to have for 3 redemption points, and quite expensive for a clanned person to have, really.

redemption points for pracs sound good too, and maybe redemption points could be used to 'move' stats?

From: Sandra Friday, July 31, 09:34AM

Giving skills outside of one's hometown is not an option. There was, and still is, discussion going on regarding practices, and other ingame rewards.

Lets see what other types of ideas we can come up with, along with the in game ones.

From: Agni Friday, July 31, 08:19PM

free housing (including rent/utilities :P) for 3 redemtion points. slash-rent coupon that reduces rent of an item by, say, 33%?

for us create mages, 1 redemption point per uniquely named minion.. i get sick of winged demons.. lemme like get a Phoenix or something :P

for 3 redemption points, SL friendship ;)

portable holes

removal of quest flag, 7 redemption points :P

ability to gag immortals, 1 redemption point

access to a t-forming mob, 1 redemption point

access to a preserving mob, 2 redemption points

ability to open private channels, 3 redemption points

ability to append on the welcome board, 2 redemption points

ability to yank pk-enabled players out of clanhall, ooc, saferooms, 3 rede mption points -halo-

and stuff. just throwing random stuff around, so ppl can derive their inspirations from. really. no selfish motive anywhere.

From: Sandra Friday, July 31, 08:30PM

I think I said 'be realistic' up there somewhere. ;)

From: Matrim Saturday, August 01, 07:02PM

I really like the idea of preserving mobs and tforming mobs... don't really care about any of the others :)

From: Ishtar Sunday, August 02, 12:57AM

Why would anybody want to preserve or tform a mob? -duck-

From: Sadie Sunday, August 02, 03:25AM

I oppose any in-game use for redemption points. There are players that have amassed 100 million xp points or more during the old xp system.... Maybe allow a reroll of stats hps/mana/mov.. and give the player a choice if he wants the new ones... or even the option to redo a stat quest, or all of them. That doesnt give a player any advantage over other players, but still allows them a chance to fix old mistakes. hmm.. what I ment by redo stat quests is erasing the flag and lowering the stat so the player could rechoose.. etc..

This way, you dont get "super" characters, just slightly better built ones

And if your offering coupons.. forget it. A color coupon is much easier to get than 50 million xp or whatever it is...

say I think 50 million should get you a full set of strung eq... for one wimpy coupon, people would rather win some game after a few tries than give up 300 hours of mobkilling!

From: Sandra Sunday, August 02, 07:15AM

The coupons were an option for those that want them. We've said that we are discussing other options, and would like to hear ideas for other options as well. If you do not wish to try for 'one wimpy coupon' don't. Of course, you should probably read the welcome board post to get your facts straight.

To be totally honest, its paragraphs like the last one in this previous post that make me wonder why the hell I bothered to push for this code to get put in.

And you wonder why some of us are bitchy.


From: Celia Sunday, August 02, 07:40AM

The coupons will probably be more incentive for most people than the whois flag and info for 100million was.

The point is not that it is the easiest way to get coupons, but that it provides some incentive to get xp after level 50.

Most people do not totally dislike fighting mobs, but want something to aim for when they get xp. There is no way I'm going to go out and try to get 25 million xp just to get a coupon, but when I feel like fighting a few mobs, I want to feel that the xp will eventually lead to something.

If the reward is too much, it will make people too desperate to spend all their time getting xp, and it could be a big problem in pkill if people fly off the handle because somebody kills them just as they are about to get a redemption point. I think the value of the reward is about right, but because coupons can be lost, some sort of whois flag or other recognition might be nice as well.


From: Nothing Sunday, August 02, 09:27AM

An extra practice would be nice. Or if not that, the chance to trade in a skill for that practice. Many of us have skills that we don't use or no longer have the stats for. I personally have a char that hasn't had augment for 2 years. Maybe when player housing and owned mobs goes in there will be more options, like personalized mobs or some such.


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