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Posted by Papercut on 08/07

I am seriously getting sick of repetitive killing to lvl. As a lvl 20+ it is long past time for me to cash in on a few quality mobs, enjoy the thrill, and be awarded accordingly, but instead, i am doing what i did as a lvl 2, just on a bigger scale. Kill, move, Kill, move, Kill, move...

There should still be some merit to taking out mobs that are much larger, and much more dangerous than you, but now all you get is roughly a 20% xp bonus, at best...

Getting rid of powerlvling was good, i guess, but i wouldnt mind seeing ppl jump from 1-50 in one day if it meant having some of our old joys of killing a bigger mob back. This is ridiculous. Nothing i do seems to reflect the progress in lvls, just beefing up numbers.


From: Myrella Monday, August 03, 02:21AM

I find it rather mausing that at not matter what level the character I am playing is I find that I cannot find an xp run that will ever net me more than 200k at one time. whether I am playing a level 25 alt or this character the new xp scale has seemly made it impossible to solo kill for more xp as you go up in levels, which it seems logically you should be able to do. I must also agree that mob killing has become a very tedious task, something still needs to be done IMHO.

All For Now,


From: Papercut Monday, August 03, 04:12AM

also, i've noticed that the xp a mob gives maxes out around at 10k, regardless of your level.

during earlier lvls, you can hit something bigger to cash in tons more xps (think you can easily kill 4k mobs at lvl 5) but it hits the top at 11-12k where the added risk doesnt show up anywhere. it could be that i'm just burnt out from all the killing i've done so far, but there is definately some room for improvement here.

From: Draco Friday, August 07, 10:49AM

I disagree, getting rid of powerlevelling wasn't good. After all, very few peoples first character(s) were powerlevelled. We've gone through the slow levelling process, ok.. done that, next we want to try different character types. Time for some seriously tedious mob killing. Next we decide on a clanned, some changes are made which screws that kind of character. Oh no, it's time for some seriously tedious mob killing once again.

The goal may have been to add longevity to the game but it seems you have achieved the opposite.


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