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Posted by Drax on 08/11

OK, it's been a while now, and I have done my best to give the XP scale a fair chance to be tweaked and so on I think. I have held back from posting for weeks, thinking that maybe things will be done following other posted suggestions. My gripe is a pretty simple one.

I estimate, that at high levels (48-50) your average xp run, without needed healing, is about 125k xp max. Of course this varies from character to character, but for this character, that's as much as I can expect, as a 100dex, 100con fighter, and spam 2nd circle cause mage. Following a run like that, I need to heal upwards of 90% of my 570 hitpoints. You do the math. At best I can find a few items in the game to heal me partway. But if there is not a healer around I am looking at a half hour or more of sleeping time to regen, the most anti-social action on the mud, not to mention very, very boring.

Now thinking about the 750k xp loss from mob death, since I died yesterday in P Isles. For me, that's 6 full cycles of my hitpoints to recover from. Without any healing, that's about 5 hours, give or take, of time to recover from one death. 5 hours.

To put this in perspective, let's look at the old system. (yeah, where else would I compare, right?) 2 million xp loss from death. That would be recoverable for me in about 3-4 runs. If mobs are worth on average about 1/5 of what they used to be, a 750k xp loss under this system, is the equivilant of a 3.75 million xp loss in the old.

I am one of the lucky ones, the ones that can heal myself (cure light at level 44 cast level :P) Still, it helps some. Cuts my recovery time down a little, maybe healing 175-200 hits with all my mana. But I don't want to think about how pure fighters, or anyone without healing ability has to go through. It's not that it's different from before, because they still have to go through the same thing. But the rewards, are less, and the amount of time you have to run around from mob to mob, are more.

6 hours to recover from a death might not be much. Having almost 1100 hours on this character, it really doesn't seem like much at all I am sure. But when fighting has allready become tedious in most instances, lost it's thrill generally. (When I xp run, I go for lots of easy mobs now, instead of 2 or 3 big guys, who CAN kill you) Yes, I died anyway, but that was through exploration, and I really don't think it's indicative. There are still areas of the mud that I do get a thrill from, well, SL is about it.

Anyway, I'd like to hear some comments on XP loss from death. That is what I am most... (choked?) concerned about. Seems to me, that in the big picture, it's almost double what it was before, to recover from.


From: Lethargio Wednesday, August 05, 05:51PM

this has been discusses a lot before...but I'm guessing they're going to stick with the xp system because i havn't seen any changes since.

From: Drax Wednesday, August 05, 08:48PM

It really doesn't matter if it's been discussed in my opinion. But the aspect of xp loss from death is something that seems to have been passed over. And yes, there have been other changes made Lethargio, moving the unclan goal to 50million for one. Maybe I am stubborn, but I refuse to believe that any system will ever reach "perfection" and I certainly hope that the immorts are still open to change, and suggestion. I am simply saying xp loss from death needs to be lowered in my opinion.

Suggestions - 500k from a mob death, and 250k from pkill.

Why? Well, using the 1/5th rule, that the mobs here are 1/5th of what they used to be, this still puts xploss higher than in the old system, but a lot more manageable. (IMHO) Funny, xp loss from death in this system really isn't severe until higher levels it seems. I know that levelling is supposed to get harder as you go up, but I think right now, death xp loss at 750k, is too much. It doesn't seem to fit with death xp loss at other levels. I'd like to see the xp loss from death for each of the levels, if an immort could pass along that info, I would appreciate it.


From: Drax Wednesday, August 05, 10:55PM

On a little more reflection, I came to the idea that a good part of the problem of recovering for death at 750k xp, is that when you actually are high enough level to lose that much, you can't get much every run. I can get 350k pretty easily in one run with a level 40 character, but with a level 50 it's significantly (like 300%) harder. Maybe boosting 50th level mobs xp, for higher level characters (so that low levels can't level off 1 kill) is another possible solution?


From: Draco Friday, August 07, 10:58AM

Someone has some weird ideas.. xp loss from death was too high before the change, especially in pkill. -shake-

From: Agni Friday, August 07, 05:05PM

Let's put this into perspective. Pk death before was 1mil, which was slightly more than 3 runs at the vampire.

Now, a pk death is slightly more than 6 runs at the vampire. It was 10 lvl 50 generic type mobs before, now it's roughly 18 lvl 50 generic mobs.

From: Goliath Tuesday, August 11, 02:34PM

Actually, it was 20 lev 50 generic mobs, assuming approx. 100k each

What are they worth now?


From: Goliath Tuesday, August 11, 02:36PM

Oops, was thinking non-pk death, nevermind...


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