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Posted by Kumi on 08/26

I don't usually make a big deal of things on the mud, but waiting for my desc to go through is really beginning to bother me. Okay heres the deal: I sent Chocorua my desc, and waited a week then he returned it saying it was too long. So I cut it down and resent it to him. Its been more then another week and I haven't gotten anything back or a response when I ask Chocorua. I understand that he is very busy, so my question is why not get another immort to also help him out? or have a less busy immort do it like some of the PR immorts?

Still waiting,


From: LadyAce Thursday, August 06, 07:17PM

I wouldn't necessarily say that PR immorts are 'less busy' :)

I understand the complaint, however, and will work with the admin dept. to make sure that this important RP and social service is functioning in the most efficient way possible.

I should add, however, that not only is registering descriptions rather boring and time consuming, it's not an easy thing to do. It requires that the immortal doing it log in to the actual mud machine, rather than simply port 9999, in order to perform the necessary checks. If you think net lag to the mud is bad sometimes, net lag to the mud machine is frequently much more severe. Anyone who's tried to edit files in netlag can tell you the same -- painful.

So although this doesn't tell you how we'll serve you quicker, it does explain why we're often slow in responding to this particular sort of request.


From: Keionkithis Thursday, August 06, 11:04PM

Yeah, with more immorts having the ability to do Descriptions, it might flow better?

From: Rufus Friday, August 07, 01:00AM

Pr and admin have the ability to actually do the descriptions. However only chocorua currently authorizes them (which takes lengthy checks through the database)


From: Kumi Friday, August 07, 02:19AM

Have some of the PR authorizing power then?

From: Sandra Friday, August 07, 08:58AM

Its better to have just one person doing the approvals so that there isn't a conflict, and descs can't be put up against each of them.(A turned me down, so I'll go to B!)


From: Chocorua Saturday, August 08, 10:01AM

Again i apologize for the slow response to descs here is a list of my excuses and reasons.

to check ONE keyword takes a 10 minute search through the character database. most descs have 3 - 5 keywords. now considering that it takes between 30 and 50 minutes to approve each description and I recieve on average 20 a week, its rather time consuming. I try to sit down and do them in large batches.

Then recently there has been a trend for people to change their mind moments or even up to a day or two after sending in the original, so now I get people sending me a request and quite often I check it and write a note to myself abotu it and go on to others only to type "rec" and get a NEW one for that person. Now which one do i use? The second one of course, so i toss out the first (since hte player changed their mind) and process the second, now the second usually shares a keyword or two but almost always have at least 2 changed keywords, so another 20 minutes go into that desc. My point in this rambling? I now recieve my mail and process descs twice a week and send back all duplicates refused until i recieve ONE request in a 3 day period from the person.

hope that helps clarify the reason for delays. there shouldn't be much mor more than a week lag on descs, if it goes beyong that (in the future i am an immortal but changing real life time is still JUST outa my reach) then i apologize and talk to me online, i spend atleast 10 hours a day on and 99% idle from work.


From: Sun-Tzu Wednesday, August 26, 04:06AM

Heh, heh. Sounds like that was me -hangs head in shame-


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