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Musical Instruments and Spell Effects

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Posted by Israfel on 08/14

Would it be possible to make the musical instruments that have spell effects cast their spells, say after 3 consecutive brilliant performances, or perhaps 5-10 brilliant performances?

As it is, it seems to be a totally random event. I've played a certain lyre for 40-45 minutes straight with no effect, and while it -is- a low rent item for the nifty spell it casts, it also seems to be taking a rather unreasonable amount of time. (I gave up in the end.)

Not to mention spam.


Israfel Shadowleaf

Servant of the Lady

From: Croaker Sunday, August 09, 10:02AM

The way musical instruments are designed, the builder can set the type of performance needed to trigger the spell, and the chance of the spell going off if that level of performance is obtained. To my knowledge, there are only 2 instruments in the game which use this new code, both of which I built, and I can assure you they will trigger fairly frequently if you manage a brilliant performance (at least they are designed that way and worked fine in testing). I will check into it again, but I think they're OK.


From: Agni Sunday, August 09, 08:24PM

One problem i have with the instruments, is that to my current knowledge, the play skill is based on two stats, and it obviously seems to favor that certain char class. Has play been changed, or is there a plan to have it changed?

From: Zak Sunday, August 09, 08:56PM

stinky m--es!

From: Israfel Sunday, August 09, 10:24PM

I lose count of the number of brilliant performances I gave. Definitely mo more than 20.

From: Rufus Monday, August 10, 01:26AM

Oh, the instruments can be defined to have a number of charges, so after they've gone off a few times, they may no longer work.

As far as changing play, no, we're not going to do that. Yes, they do seem to favor one class a bit more than others, but they can be set to go off all the time (even if you play so miserably that nothing reasonable comes out), but they can also be set so that they cannot be used reliably (such as wands, which, if they have a charge, go off all the time).

And as far as 'play' goes, I believe it is based on three stats, not two.


From: Charity Friday, August 14, 09:52AM

No way really to say this without giving out game info, but, regarding the lyre's seeming uselessness... some spells only work if you're outdoors Hope that helps. =)


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