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Posted by Lethargio on 08/12

hmm, exploding guns suck...guns are they only type of weapon that cannot be damaged, but can be destroyed...How about when the gun backfires, it damages it instead of making strings go poot? through the repair skill it can be repaired back to normal...(or making them damaged when the bullet jams or something?)


From: Agni Wednesday, August 12, 03:17AM

yeah, them exploding is harsh on strings. but to have them damaged per jam would scrap them really quick anyhow :P

From: Lethargio Wednesday, August 12, 03:41AM

yeah, well, its not like a gun gets damaged every time it jams, so they could just make it a chance that it'll damage when it jams or something.

From: TerrorSpawn Wednesday, August 12, 07:30AM

besides, most people who use guns can repair.

From: ShadowWolf Wednesday, August 12, 11:16PM

yeah and plus, the last time my gun jammed was.... well it has jammed about 4 times since i got it


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