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Fighters v Mages

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Posted by Sundance on 08/14

Greeting Fellow Legend peoples I am not one to whine nor am I one to change (even if i had the pracs but i dont) my stats to suit Pkill better.

However i find it increasing strange that us (if there are any left) dex/c on fighters are no what anyone would call good pkillers.

True there are ways to excell in pkill , but by only getting on average 3 attempts at a specials , i'm far from poor never mind excel.

Dex/per seems to be great

Dex/mind too

Str/Mind even nicer with some good dex

Str/dex even is better

but dex/con ! me thinks not,

I know most of you want me to win so lets all support us Dex/cons and get us a new skill like "Starekill" , instant death if i stare at you. Then i might win if i can get outta that worse for wear stun :)

I'm a Fighter Dammit i shouldnt have to use black potions !

Sir Sundance :-)

From: Agni Wednesday, August 12, 09:43AM

str/dex stinks :P

but yeah, fighters will need some serious leverage or access to mobs that sell healing. create-roots type items sold over a counter would do nicely, but that would probably sap all our money :P

From: Agni Wednesday, August 12, 10:29AM

hrm, on second thought.

if we gave fighters the option to move the spirit quest to whatever stat they liked, AND added an option where each of their prac could translate to additional stats (leftover ones) they would have a much better chance against mages (although in all reality, i guess that'll just make every fighter 100/100/100)

anyway, still think spi quest should be applicable to any stat of choice at the cost of a prac or two.

From: Shieren Wednesday, August 12, 11:32AM

Well i have just wasted a prac on a skill i thought might be useful but is totally useless.

Could we have a practice cash back day ? That would help me and people here too.

I thought i wanted to be a con fighter but listened and now i want to go str or dex and mind.

If i didnt have any pracs because things change here am i doomed ? or is there a prac changing day in the past ?

Shieren the mage who forgot he was born in Tara until yesterday :(

From: Sundance Wednesday, August 12, 01:25PM

Well Shieren , i've been here a while and once you used a prac thats it you cant change it.

If you could i'd go strength at a drop of a hat,

Seems to me seriously is use dex/con people (in pkill) need some help I'm working on my own idea's that doesnt help other dex characters cant think of any , but i'm working on it,

Sir Sundance

Mind you this is only on solo duel fights :)

2 on 1 is a different matter

Sadly tis against what i believe in (i'm stupid)

From: Riptide Wednesday, August 12, 04:01PM

a trip skill would be neat and a skill that let you feign a move (like a fake headbutt message that really choked someone) -cackle- might be fun. but prolly not too helpful

-more dumb ideas from riptide-

From: Agni Wednesday, August 12, 10:57PM

Feh, i've fought dex, and they have too much up on their sleeves. I bash, they tumble. I bash, it lands, they fear with gae-bolg. It's con that needs help, but con is too good already if you combine it with certain stats. Don't forget that mages have them stats too, tho not all.

Probably a 2-3 prac skill that does a LOT of damage, or manage to heal/prevent damage (like that hector's horse act thingie), or martial art-like dodge/retaliate on skills could be nice.

IMHO, 2nd circle spells should have their spi req increased to 45, and 3rd circle spells to 55, to further funnel away stats from mages.

And quite possibly, the mind req should be increased on dyn and other 3rd circle spells to at least 70 (rudh maybe 80-90?) so that it becomes impossible (or close to) for 3rd circle mages to have tons of combat skills.


From: Donelan Wednesday, August 12, 11:04PM

Something with a martial-arts flavor would be a skill that would let you take advantage of your opponent's attack. For instance, if I'm skilled in martial arts and you kick me, not only do you have a somewhat reduced chance of hitting me, I could grab your foot and knock you on your back. If you try to choke me, I might grab your arms and flip you over my back, possibly stunning you.

From: Riptide Thursday, August 13, 07:44AM

both sound like theyd be dex skills.

From: Donelan Thursday, August 13, 03:40PM

Except that some eastern disciplines could be characterized in Legend's system as spirit-based, although secondary strength and dexterity requirements would also make sense. Some other bare-handed attacks would be nice also.

From: Ea! Friday, August 14, 09:03AM

I'm not sure that I have too much to add to this discussion other than to say that a lot of the ideas that you're discussing are slated for implementation within skill trees.

I know that doesn't sound like much as skill trees has been promised for a long time, but hang in there. We're also working on some smaller changes to balance out some of the mage vs. fighter issues.



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