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Posted by North on 08/21

Please reduce the "filling" value of roots, I personally think that create healing has always been hampered by the need to be hungry, which tends to put create mages at a disadvantage when every other character type can get max hp regen by remaining full. If Cause is complaining about the two round skill lag, and not being able to use healing in battles, just think about the poor create mages who never could eat in battle, and our healing spells also have a two round lag time, with less hp regen per root. (yes, more potential to heal, but only when hungry!)

Anyhow, that's just my take on things...maybe you could make it so create has a healing spell instead of silly roots which decompose in 6 ticks weight 1 kg each and are otherwise unwieldy.

Thanks for reading this message, please append!!


From: Lethargio Saturday, August 15, 11:57PM

personally, I think that mages got too accustommed to being able to regen themselves within 1 tick, so when this 'convinience' gets removed (bah spelling) naturally there would be a lot of complaints...just think of all the fighters who have no ablility to heal themselves :P

Guess you'll have to get used to it, OR create an effective healing spell thats useful in combat for snipers/fighters alike. (no, first aid requires spamming, otherwise the snipers stats would be totally messed up...I've tried those stats before...trust me)

From: Myrella Sunday, August 16, 02:45PM

Ok now finally having use the create healing spell a bit I cant help but wonder how such an increase in fill value can be considered a 'slight' increase. Prior to the change I could eat about 18-20 at starving before being full now I can eat 6. A 333% increase in fill value is 'slight' ? Please cut this change back to a more reasonable fill value. I have no problem with teh change from the 20 or tick life to a 6 tick one, but why is it every time a pkiller complains the 75% or wahtever percentage of us non-pkillers there are have to suffer to? A fill value of 12-16 or so roots from starving to full would be much more reasonable imho. My biggestest trouble with the cahnge is it seriously cuts back on my ability to solo xp run more than 3-4 level 50 mobs without having to stop and rest cause I cant eat anymore roots.

I find it bad enought that the xp I get from killing is hardly worth the effort, but now to force my xp runs to 3-4 mobs cause I cant even heal myself very much is just increasing the an allready mind-numbing task to an even worse level.


the Hedoni{S]t

From: North Sunday, August 16, 04:21PM

Gee Leth, I was thinking more along the lines that I have one fighting stat, as opposed to the two or three commonly held by "fighters", now it m might be easier for you to kill things without healing, but let me tell you, with only con, it's pretty darn hard to kill even the wimpy ticket seller. I lose 300 hp unless I get a good headbutt in. Even in pkill I'd probably hit less and do less damage than a fighter type.

Anyhow, people are starting to tell to me so I have to cut things short but my point is, mages need to heal more cause we get hit more =P.


From: Zak Monday, August 17, 12:39PM

seems to me that mages tend to think that their skills just serve to enhance their fighting ability which is the most important part of their character as far as mobs go. Mages shouldn't be great fighters:P Mages shouldn't be great healers (thats what druids and surgeons are for). I wish everyone would start realizing that things are balancing out at last instead of feeling like they have been slighted. YOu know how many spells mages have? A lot, and one thing healing did was make mages super fighters (could be dex, but sitll have lots of hps) Why dont you guys just start acting more like mages and less like fighters. If you dont wanna be a mage anymore, then make a fighter :P For example, North's above post was all about how he couldn't kill the ticket seller without a good headbutt. Well maybe you should try using some more of your damage spells. Maybe some calm tactics. Mages have a lot up their sleeve, but healing has made people simply rely on how well they fight. Be flexible!


From: North Monday, August 17, 08:28PM

So what, pray tell, should mages be good at if they aren't supposed to be able to fight, and they aren't supposed to be able to heal? Perhaps you want to make them into little "helper" characters who bustle about and give free fly spells and the like to interested newbies? Yeah, that would be sublime. I believe my whole point was that I'm not gonna fight as well as other "fighter" types, so it's more natural that I get some ability to reduce the hp loss gap. Zak seems to think that I don't use spells when I fight, he's very sadly mistaken, however it's very difficult to win with magic alone, otherwise all mages wouldn't bother to use weapons because the damage from their magic would be enough. And calm tactics? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....perhaps you'll kindly "tell" me what calm tactics you could possibly be refering to, applicable for solo mob killing. And yes I can kill the ticket seller, but it hurts. =P


From: Elswyth Tuesday, August 18, 05:24AM

I would just like to point out that something I've noticed about the new f (fill) value on roots makes create food and forage a moot point for my cre (create) mages, since now they're always so full on roots that they never need to eat.

I hope this says something about the fill value of roots being a wee bit too high right now.

From: Gangrene Tuesday, August 18, 06:41AM

Personally, I agree with the healing changes, but on a smaller note, I wish the root filling wasn't so big. Maybe 25% or 50% more than the original value would be nice. But I don't really know what that value was, except that I could eat tons in a fight and still have a whole lot more that I can regen to full really fast and STILL have space for yet MORE roots. THAT was pretty bad. But now, it's kinda more balanced, but the roots have been WAY weakened. How about a slight tweak downwards in fill value?

Excuse my tick timer.

Gangrene - the root glutton on diet now

From: North Tuesday, August 18, 11:40AM

Actually, some imm (invis of course) mentioned that there would be some changes to the fill value of roots on Friday, so maybe I'll just wait for that. And for my parting shot, I found it hilarious that my healing root, created when I was full, could pop before I could eat it. =P


From: North Friday, August 21, 08:18PM

Any news on possible changes to the fill value of create healing roots?



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