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Posted by Dudley on 09/12

spirit being next-to-useless for us simple fighter-folks, any chance of a quest getting installed that would transfer 10 spi to any other stat of choice?

it seriously is hampering, since in some ways, mage chars have 10 more stats than fighter chars, since fighter chars can't utilize their spi barring spam. and spam being spam, think it best if that quest had an option (maybe at a cost of 1-2 prac) to move it to str/con/dex/perc wherever. having the prac cost will prevent mages (3rd circle variety) from using this quest (think it as some kind of mild handicap for having a 3rd circle mage).


p.s.- this suggestion has nothing to do with the fact that i've ended up with 100/100/90 stats with the dumb perc req. :P

From: Lethargio Thursday, August 06, 06:27AM

not to mention str spells!

woops, this might not be totally relevant ;)


From: Rufus Thursday, August 06, 02:09PM

I've been looking into this a while. I'll post more when we get done debating it on the builder list.


From: Cornflake Saturday, August 15, 10:09AM

For the time being my characters try to get a lot of +8 or +10 stat items where the minus is -3 or -5 spirit to compensate for the quest. Just an idea. :)

Cornflake Girl


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