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Posted by Agni on 09/22

It takes me roughly 11? roots to get from starving to full. That's 264 mana, which translates to, i guess, roughly that many hitpoints.

That's all fine, but it takes way too long for us to go back down to starving from a fight like that. It actually takes almost as long as if we were con fighters sleeping on a full tummy to regen quite a lot of their hps, maybe even all of it when using the cup.

I don't mind the limit on how many i can eat during battle, but it takes away a lot of the fun when you have to sit around creating gimps cuz you are just waiting to get hungry again.

A spell that allows you to get hungry would be nice, maybe around the 3rd circle.

Also, with only 264ish mana to spend on healing (it's pretty much a mana-cap) it's become somewhat even less important for create mages to have high mind. From my experience, mind and the healing value of roots don't differ too much, especially since they are so random to begin with.

Since the food value was upped, i think it'll be more balancing if having high mind either made less filling roots, or introducing a 3rd lvl create spell that makes roots that are guaranteed to heal their max (or with a narrower range) but with more mana cost and same (or less) mana cost.

Primary reason i went create was because once i hit starving, i could accept duel after duel as soon as my mana filled up (which didn't take too long considering i have a chalice)... now create mages actually have to wait almost as long as fighters, and definately more than cause mages.

From: LadyHawk Tuesday, August 25, 10:58PM

I agree with Agni. Mages that has to heal -almost- as long as fighters? That surely can't be fair! Just because mages has many other advantages, why take this one from them?

And yes, irony is the keyword to my append.


From: Charity Tuesday, September 08, 01:20PM

In the spirit of LadyHawk's append, I still maintain that healing roots and cure crit should be removed from the game. If you want to heal quickly, become a druid or surgeon, or group with one, or purchase or trade for the services of one.

From: Skar Thursday, September 10, 10:11AM

Actually, cure light is also an effective healing spell. It heals in smaller amounts, but the overhead is very small. A cause mage can heal themselves completely with curelight in just a couple of minutes.

I think all cure spells should be removed, and all hometowns be given access to either the poultice or first aid skills, whatever is most appropriate, making it possible for any character to have a small amount of healing ability.

From: Goliath Tuesday, September 22, 01:45PM

Yeah, a spam mud --- great idea!

You should be able to eat approx. the number of roots that a average cause mage would have mana to heal themselves. Thats prolly around 400 HP worth, or about 15 roots.



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