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Posted by Chivalry on 09/24

Well, as a pure fighter I really don't have a lot of symphathy for you mages out there, that now have to heal as long as we do. But I do also think that it's a little obscene the amount of time that has to be spent healing and so on. (At high levels, with high con) Many Imm's keep telling me to "find a healer" well, as much as a shock this is to some of you, I DO in fact look for healers to heal me. It's not easy to find then, and when you do, it's usually only a one time thing. (I have found very few healers that want to run with me, most are looking for bigger groups)

When I made this character, the first I have had without any type of healing skills, I thought it might be fun. And in a lot of cases, this is the character that I enjoy playing the most out of all mine. But I would never again remake a similar character. NEVER again a character that can't heal themselves in one way or another. And I think it's a bit of a shame, because this character is a lot of fun to play in general.

As it stands, the pure fighter is dying out. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that had any desire to run for xp solo.


From: Tempus Monday, August 24, 02:20PM

I agree, my next character wouldn't be a pure fighter most likely..

Sir Tempus Kittredge.

From: Aeolus Monday, August 24, 08:04PM

Well I'll refer back to something Rufus said sometime back...

Mages weren't meant to be healers.

I personally think thats true.. mages really shouldn't be able to heal up almost as fast as a poulticer unless we had a school of healing between the cause and create schools of magic.

Right now, I generally see people who want to be mages in pkill because "mages can heal faster" although there are some who become mages because of the other nifty things that they can conjure up, or the other spells that they can use.

Until people select to be mages because "mages can cast nifty prep spells (invis included)" or "mages can summon up creatures to their aid"... basically choose the mage class because of the real things that magic can offer instead of "mass healing," the issue, imho, won't be resolved.

I don't want to sound like I'm ragging on the imms, but the imms really should make being a mage worth more than just its healing powers... For example, give the mages a choice of strong attack/ defensive spells... (3rd circle mages that is)...

I know, I know, its easier said than done.. but thats just my 2 cents worth.... (or is it worth 2 cents? =P)

-- Aeolus

From: Arsene Monday, August 24, 09:21PM

Yeah, as the one of the longest railers against fighting twice and sometimes more hp as I have, its time that healing by mages was curtailed, or their ability to use a prime fight stat one.

From: Marcel Wednesday, August 26, 12:42AM

Obviously, balancing things out is not an easy feat. Right away, even as I -am- one of those icky self-healing mages, I tend to agree that mages were not made to be healers. If we wanted instant heals, we should either be herbalists, or hire herbalists. But then again - the argument that cure critical's change recently harmed several kinds of people as well also has weight... So I guess I just want to point out, it is an ongoing process, and - well, mages aren't healers. ;)

Marcel Alexander, Esquire.

From: Varnel Wednesday, August 26, 08:58AM

just like to say, in any D&D game i have played or any other mud i have played if you pick the class mage you never have healing spells you have to be a cleric or a priest or something like that to have healing spells a and all they are is defense and healing mostly. So i don't see any reason why mages should heal in the first place... just my 2 cents... i also thin if mages can heal warriors should be able to heal, so should warriors... cause mages healing is just a little dumb.

From: Scythe Wednesday, August 26, 11:33AM

Well, there are a couple mage spells in AD&D that heal, but they are extremely high level, and normally take a lot out of the mage. It's not a good comparison between the AD&D magic system and Legend, IMHO.

From: Agni Wednesday, August 26, 08:33PM

Comparing a classless mud to a game such as D&D where classes are so prevalent is surely not the best comparison.

Still, mages lack the arsenal of effective spells for them to forsake the fighting stat they have, or the healing spells they are given. If cause is to have all the spells that can hamper and damage the opponent severely, i see little wrong with create getting spells that allow for recovery and others.

It is true that I was almost nearly invincible with the old, and to a lesser extent, with the semi-old roots, but it's not as if i have not lost a single fight, and most of those i did win i won by the skin of my teeth.

It seems to me that the problem with fighters are that they are not given enough ways to heal themselves. Nobody likes to sit around and do nothing while waiting for regen, be it mobkill or pk.

If we introduce a few costly, but accessible means to recover damage (large sums of gold, or even a sizeable amount of xp) for all chars, it would restore some balance--if one wanted to win badly enough, they could given enough sacrifice.

From: Aeolus Wednesday, August 26, 09:31PM

I think there are a couple non-character means to recover damage.. but to have means to recover it real fast (like the old ways) would set things off balance real quick imho. Reason being, even if it costs an absurb amount of money, people will definitely find a way to use /abuse it. If it takes away too much though, then nobody would utilize it, making it a worthless attempt at balancing the system.

One thing I learned when I was DM for 2 years in a thought-based D&D (no paper, no written stats... just intuition, logic and a lot of imagination) is that its always better to downgrade some aspects of the game than make everyone a superman/woman.

I think agni clearly explains in one sentence what I was trying to say in an earlier post (but kind of muddled my way through to).... "mages lack the arsenal of effective spells for them to forsake the fighting stat they have..."

-- Aeolus (Who, despite the balance issues, still sorely misses the oooold sidhe wells =P)

From: Kurik Thursday, September 24, 10:06AM

Hmm, I think, if mages will lost their spells for heal, who will want to be a mage? Then a fighter will be better.. &shrug& With the God, Kurik


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