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Posted by Ronnie on 09/01

Okay, without arguments, can we simply have a vote on whether or not there should be a pkiller only board.

From: Sandra Monday, August 31, 10:39PM

There are 9 pk-only boards. One in each clan hall. Once again, I'll add that there is no need to seperate nonpkill from pkill, any more than there currently is. This is the reason we won't make a pkill only channel, and this is also the reason we won't make a pkill only(writeable) board. The warboard is there for pkill related matters. Use it as such. Poems, jokes, etc, go on the news board. Discussions, obviously, on the discussion board, etc, etc.

From: Cornflake Tuesday, September 01, 02:14AM

I already asked on the warboard, but is there any way there could be a safe, IC warboard for rogues to read? It seems kinda unfair that clanned chars get to regen while reading the warboard and noone else can.


From: Satsu Tuesday, September 01, 10:47AM

There are many things that pkill enabled CLANNED characters benefit from by being in a clan. One of those things is the ability you listed above. They also have a water source in a safe place, transfer mobs, and a clan hall. These are all benefits that are intrisic to being in a clan and carry with it the responsibilities thereto.

This discussion has been raised before, and if reading the board and regenerating at the same time is an important feature, perhaps, you should consider joining a formalized clan.


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