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Posted by Pandora on 09/05

Well perc fighters have para backstab versus real low hps. true. A good way of balancing the perc fighting style would be to put a spirit requisite on shooting skills.

Indeed, for shooting, you need a bit of concentration. This requisite of spirit (lets say 25spi) would force chars to be a lil more balanced and overall to get rid of these ridiculous -10spirit chars.

I still do not anderstand how a pk character with a stat under 25 is allowed to survive. Even if you want to be specialized (aka perc fighters) its just vain to me to have a stat under 1 like TONS of snipers now have.

Ok, now append your egoisticals complains bout this idea :P


From: Estel Tuesday, September 01, 08:13PM


From: Bleeding Wednesday, September 02, 04:19PM

I don't know about anyone else, but this char or any other char i have ever had, have never went below like 14 spirit. This char has 20 with gear, and thats what, 5 less then what you propose? This char rely's on luck enough as it is, don't make snipers lsoe more stat points and need luck even more, thats just stupid. I read these posts above about snipers being overpower and i laugh. I win alot because i get lucky alot. I suppose i have some skill too, but it doesn't take much skill to win with a para or something. Another note for you rictor, yes, an average backstab does like 60-80 damage. Yea, thats alot. But heres the kicker: if i get headbutted, by almost anyone, i lose like at least 50, sometimes upwards of 100 or more, depending on if it sticks or not. Sure, I may tumble a few, but alot of people dodge my backstabs too. The main disadvantage to this is that i can only backstab once a tick. There is no limitation to how many headbutts you can do. Paris killed me in 3 headbutts the other day. I hit him with one backstab. I have 350 hp or so, and 3 hp did that. I'll bet you 100k 3 backstabs would never take that many hp. I guess thats about all i got to say, sorry it took so long. :) Hope you understand a bit more now if you didn't before, but i'm sure you'll have some interesting complications with this,s o fire away!


From: Yvonne Wednesday, September 02, 04:34PM

There's always going to be a character type which is perceived to be super-powerful. Just a little while ago, it seems, people were convinced that fighter/mages were unbeatable. Now it's snipers. And it'll be snipers until some other character type comes along and has a string of luck, and of good fights, and the new super-character will be born. Who know, maybe next it'll be spam augmenters. Well, maybe not, but in any case.

Everyone has weaknesses, everyone has strengths. I certainly think that there are certain character types which tend to be more effective fighters than others, especially in pkill, but nobody's unbeatable. I was pretty cocky myself until a couple of con fighters laid me out with headbutts. So for a while, I figured that con fighters were unbeatable, at least by me, until I realized that a good stun would usually wrap the fight up rather quickly. Sorry for rambling, my point is simply that there's no such thing as a super-character. I don't really think that there are any character types out there which are unbeatable, just as I don't think there are any character types which are hopeless.

Hell, maybe I'm right after all, and the spam augmenter's day is coming.


From: Nearly Wednesday, September 02, 07:53PM

I seriously doubt there is any char that is unbeatable by the merits of the character alone. Snipers can be perceived as being powerful, because they have a skill that can, with luck, ignore all the other stats that an opponent might have.

So if you come across a good sniper, who has enough skill to create enough opportunities for his luck to kick in, yes, chances are that you will be outmatched. More than likely, however, you will be able to kill the sniper before his luck comes, or you will run away when you realize you're being totally outmaneuvered.

It all depends on what you prefer, and how good you are in drawing your opponent into your strategy, instead of being dragged by your opponent's. If you prefer leaving things to chance, a sniper maybe the strongest char you can conceive--tumbles, dodges, parries, and para/snipes. If you prefer systematic destruction, a con or str fighter with bash/headbutt will indeed be the toughest char to face.

And, of course, if you want a myriad of options to employ against a target, you choose to be a spell caster.

If you think a char type is overly powerful, you should consider why it is that you keep losing, and ask yourself if there's anything you can do to stop them from getting that advantage. Sometimes the answer is as simple as just having to attack first, and most of the time it simply will end up having to learn to withdraw before the point of no return (hrm).

Of course all this is more easily said than done, but I haven't yet seen a pker who has never managed to win a fight (among active ones anyway). If it can be done once, chances are it can be done again.

From: Arsene Thursday, September 03, 04:39AM

super chars have existed, right now , I don't know, Im still in transition for gear, but things sem a bit even, though dex mages finally arent godmak ers out of a competent pkiller.

From: Lethargio Saturday, September 05, 01:20AM

yep, nowadays, I win half and lose half, if I tumble headbutts and bashes, I win, if I dont, I lose. there is no way that all character types will be perfectly balanced, so the only way to accomidate that is to add in that little 'luck' factor. its been doing pretty well so far, I think


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