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Posted by Aeolus on 09/05

Spawned from a previous discussion...

Any high dex (90+) notice that people land headbutts on you too often even with all the evasive skills?

Just wondering' b/c in a previous duel a char landed all of his headbutts and I have -100 ac 100 dex with dodge tumble etc etc etc... -ponder- (by all I mean 7-8 headbutts)

-- Aeolus

From: Chivalry Thursday, September 03, 03:17PM

I can honestly say, that in my last 2 duels vs. dex characters, I think they were 95 and 100 dex characters repectively, I hit 9/10 headbutts. I am under the impression that headbutt is a con vs con comparison however, and I am assuming that these 2 snipers have a rather low con.

Just some more info for or against the arguement


From: Agni Thursday, September 03, 06:25PM

Headbutt's been con vs. con for quite some time now, and tumble, is erratic as ever, it seems. I did only dodge 2 out of roughly 20 headbutts Barabas threw on me in our super-long duel, but he in return seemed to have only tumbled 2-3 bashes as well, out of probably 10 or so i threw at him.

However, seems to me that bash has a lot higher rate of failure than headbutt, as i've rarely seen ppl fall on their own face, whereas i've managed to land on my butt quite often against 20-30 str chars.

From: Barabas Saturday, September 05, 08:42AM

Heh. And when I fought that scrawny little necromancer, Vincent, he tumbled 7 of my 13 headbutts. Goes in streaks it seems.



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