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Judge/Identify Person

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Posted by Skar on 09/12

Could the judge spell be adjusted to be a bit more helpful when assessing hit points? Perhaps it could say things like, 'more than twice your hit points,' or 'three times your hit points.' Telling me that a mob has more hit points than I do isn't exactly a news flash. ;)

As for the identify person spell, I think it shouldn't duplicate the judge skill so closely, especially to the extent of assessing physical strengths when a mage should be interested more in magical strengths. How about stuff like a comparision of mind score, max mana, current mana, what circle of magic (if any) they can use, what spells they're wearing, immunities/resistances and susceptibilities?

From: Papercut Thursday, September 10, 12:50AM

well, there is a spell that lets you see how much hps they have.

From: Skar Thursday, September 10, 07:04AM

And how does this spell benefit a fighter? Not all characters can use spells, you know.

From: Conspiracy Friday, September 11, 10:59PM

not all chars can use spells...-ponders that- and not all chars can do a 100 HP backstab either, Skar..


From: Papercut Friday, September 11, 11:01PM

if you wanted more info, then make a char with the spell. after that, keep notes, then you won't have to cast the thing again.

From: Skar Saturday, September 12, 07:16AM

Well, pardon me for trying to make a suggestion to increase the abilities of the pure fighters on the mud, however slight. :P


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