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Posted by Ixeldreth on 09/14

I hate to be taking the same side as Ronnie in this, but... :P just because there are two, or maybe even more con-cause pkillers doesnt mean it is an overly effective character. Mages were powerful because of heal. You take heal away without giving some powerful offensive and you will see less than two con-cause mages. There are alot more dex-mages, str-mages, dex-fighters, etc than con-cause mages.

I believe mages should have the ability, if they can evade a fighter during the intial melee, to heal, or wreak some retribution Otherwise we are just fighters with a different trick or two up our sleeves.

another two cents


From: Ixeldreth Saturday, September 12, 04:46PM

darn! hate when I do that :P

From: Arsene Monday, September 14, 08:03AM

Legend has no classes, thats really the problem with mage combat. A good con cause mage with tumble and dam roll can have 800 850 hp, and still bind or blind or stun you.

believe me, dex mages are as hurt by the changes to heal as con mages, but until the classes or 'tree' as they are called come, cure critical is just too powerful.


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