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backstab damage

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Posted by Papercut on 09/19

it seems to vary too much. i know mine can do as little as 40, while it can do as much as 80+. it seems that all perc does is narrow this range (or raise the minimum) by a bit, but it's still wickedly broad range. was wondering what exactly figured into backstab damage? as far as i could see, perc and damroll really didn't help raise its dam ceiling.


From: Rictor Sunday, September 13, 04:39PM

Having never played a dex/perc I dunno about the varying dmg of it but I know it often times does WAY to much damage, and I think that the gae-bolg should be non-backstab cuz frankly, you cant backstab with a sword cuz its to bulky or heavy or whatever, well the gae- bolg is a spear, and heavy, its pretty overpowered.

Sir Rictor Belmont

From: Papercut Sunday, September 13, 07:31PM

Gae-bolg's have a hefty disadvantage now, and the wit is the same weight as the gae-bolg, but much much much less rent, and without this disadvantage.

normally, a backstab seems to do just as much damage as a kick, maybe doing twice as much occasionally, and rarely nearly 3 times as much...

but considering dex/perc chars are pumping 60-75 more points in a stat that doesn't really have as significant a benefit as the other stats, i don't think backstabs are overpowered.


From: Papercut Monday, September 14, 11:26PM

Oh yeah, just remembered.

"having never played a dex/perc"... uhm. -refresh memory-

you must be kidding me :P


From: Lethargio Saturday, September 19, 05:55AM

varied damages makes the game more fun...luck goes into play ;)


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