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Posted by Lan on 09/17

I'm sure what I'ma bout to write will be taken by someone and the idea totally twisted around. But here goes.

Why is it alot of changes are only seen by imms? Myself, i don't see the logic in this. Its not like they don't already have way more knowledge about in game things that we don't even have access to, but they also know about changes we don't know about. My example for the day. An imm's mort, who i won't mention, knew that the bane/herne flee thing was changed. I checked boards before write this, and i don't see anything mentioned. To me, this is a fairly dramactic change to alot of people. Did you just not feel like telling us or what? I don't understand...but I'm sure as I said someone will twist this to sound like whining and how imms work there asses off blah blah blah blah. I'd just like an answer as to why they have access to changes that we don't. Its something that directly affects us and isn't really an "in game" change that only imms know about in the first place, like the damroll a mob has, or how a certain quest act works. Just wondered.

-Lan, the confused healer.

From: Point Wednesday, September 16, 07:47PM

Hrm, interesting. You might wanna double check which mortal you think is an imm's, and how reliable they are.

Cause i just went and played with Herne and the Bane, and it worked just fine


From: Rufus Thursday, September 17, 11:05AM

I went through and looked at the revision history log files for Ireland and there is no mention of any changes, nor to the best of my knowledge, have any been made. Except for typos and adding keywords or small bug fixes (mobs not wielding their weapons, and such) No significant changes have been made to the area since 1998/06/13 in which I changed the file format a bit, with no significant changes in how mobs function.

I would say your sources are less than reliable.



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